Saturday, March 30, 2013

Messages From My Patients: Chapter 61

December 9, 2009

C:   Charlie? Uncle Charlie?
Tim said you came to the lady-before-me’s appointment. She didn’t know you. And they didn’t let you talk.
I hope you can make it some other time.
Aunt Edna, Grandma Lucille, Nannu, Mark Taylor, thank you  for coming to my appointment with Tim Braun. I love you.
Uncle Charlie:  All will be blessed, daughter! All will be blessed.”
I came so that someone could believe in their powerful gift--someone open and light--what I said was not significant. I opened you, ahead of time, so that Brother Timothy could believe. Everything happens for a beautiful light. You are sparkly as usual. Let it be known that thy body and spirit are united in the service of God-is-flesh (that is all humanity). I want for you to talk to me some other time, another day.

Uncle Charlie