Friday, March 29, 2013

Messages From My Patients: Chapter 59

November 12, 2009
On the way home from Balboa Island I saw the cleanup of a horrible accident. A Ford-type silver car was totaled, front end in, burned. There was a spoiler thing on his trunk.
I scanned for the spirit of the victim. Nothing.
The driver came to me just before South Coast Hospital. He said he was on substances but not what you’d think. Money troubles. Took a lot of energy-type stuff. Wasn’t paying attention. The fire hurt. It was his ticket out. (shows me his coloring, face, build--he was a very dark man of arab descent, possibly persian)
Man:   why are you writing this about my passing to the other side?
C:   It’s what I do.
Man:   As if “I want proof?”
C:   No . It’s as “I want memories. Wisdom. Guidance from beyond.” : )
Man:   I’ll Facebook it. (sardonic humor)
C:   I’m sorry you died.
Man:   It was my time. I’m Mohammed. There was no glory in that death!
C:   No, there wasn’t.
Mohammed:   Are you sensual?
C:   Yes.
Mohammed:   And sexy?
C:   Of course.
Mohammed:   Enjoy it in this other life. Make it a priority to be happy. All the way. You richly deserve carnal happiness. Not only for a taste. Ask for it. From the Universe. God will provide. That is my tip.
Mohammed:   Bye bye for just a little while. 
Have grace….
Mohammed ‘the Prince”