Monday, March 18, 2013

Starlight Waltz

castagne are delightful! (if you know how to roast them)

Little breeze, from the South, you can sing though you have no mouth, little song, young and gay, full of Spring as a summer day...

Today we are going to discuss how yesterday's healing was able to happen; the 'science' behind the process so you can learn how you can grow in your own spiritual development. A number of your energies were actively participating and noticed yesterday! Here is what you need to know in order to expand your ability to direct your creative consciousness to do 'more' in your spiritual 'work':

  • If you are reading this, your consciousness is above the 3D level already. People in 3D will get frustrated and irritable because 'this won't make any sense'. This is sort of a built-in safety feature so that only those who have a certain level of spiritual development can 'go to the big kids' playground and not get hurt'. The rest we will leave on the other 'schoolyard'.  We are still ONE with them, like we are with one another. We are not 'better' than them. But it is like we are in grade 8 and they are in grade 2, more or less. We have different 'curriculum' in this 'school called Life'.
  • Much of what you are here to do depends on what you wrote into your Pre-Birth Contract. Major life lessons, Purpose, and a Desire to Help Others are all factored in.
  • Needless to say, if you have a Pre-Birth Contract, and if you are reading this blog, you probably have some Past Lives working with you. It takes more than one reincarnation to gain the experience that is needed for your 'assignment' as a Lightworker.
  • Hint: if you meet someone and you automatically 'like them' and 'feel like you have known them forever' you have probably shared a past life and were happy together in it too.
  • The learning of Reiki 'opens up' the individual in order to 'connect' and 'transmit' Universal Healing Light. 
What happened yesterday between Australia, Wales, London, and California was four people who have the training in spiritual practice of Reiki and direction of their Guides to 'combine healing' for you, Gaia, and the individuals on Gaia's surface on an important day where the energy was favorable for this purpose.

Reiki healing can span distance and time. All it takes is Level 2. 

The ability to 'connect' with others in a metaphysical way is learned in Psychic Development Circle. You develop the 'ability to see' metaphysical 'information' together as a group to practice your skills.

The last part is all of the practice. There is a difference between a casual musician, and a concert one, based on how much effort that is put into it. Everyone enjoys playing their instrument. I for example, could have been a music major, but I loved the sciences instead and chose Chemical Engineering as my major. I play the piano. The song above is from my first recital, and the title the title from that first piece. But my piano skills have grown worse with disuse. Just like you can never forget how to ride a bicycle, I can 'play the piano' but due to work and home commitments, do not get the chance to play daily as is needed to maintain my skills. On the other hand, my psychic development is practiced daily, all through the day, from Reiki to my patients, to Healing sent daily for you (Reiki and DPH), to 'combined events' like this.  It really is a question of how open your relationship is with Spirit, and how you are able to work together as  a team.

I have always had the ability to Trust, from as a child where I was the only one who could play that game where you cross your arms in front of you, fall back like a log, and have somebody 'catch you'. I had full confidence, and could be relaxed all the way back until I almost might hit the floor. And everyone always would 'catch' me. I never got hurt. Same as for being the underweight seven year-old girl at the skating rink that all the teen boy skaters would ask to practice pairs 'lifts' with. Sure! That would be fun! Death Spiral--how neat is that? I would think as my hair brushed across the ice and I spun low in their arms. 

Here is where the tricky part is: some people may have no 'spiritual training' of any kind, and are able to actively 'connect' with Source and help others.  Just due to their hearts, they are probably well above 4D and have no clue whatsoever. But if their interpersonal dealings with others are with integrity, these 'unwitting spiritual workers' are going to make the jump and Ascend.

The most important thing you can do at this time is to find a way to fit in 'daily practice'.  A walk in Nature, exercise, a hobby all can 'open you up' as much as 'active meditation', as long as your self-talk lessens enough during the activity, you can open your 'connection to Source' a little wider.

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. In time, the teacher for others is going to be you.

The energies from yesterday are exquisite! Today I am enjoying a greater degree of balance between my masculine and feminine. All of us have some Yin and Yang within, no matter what our gender. Our gay brothers and sisters simply have their inner Yin and Yang balanced 'enough' to not seek the opposite 'energy' to 'balance' them out. They have more options to 'connect'. My brothers and sisters, of the gay side, I hope you don't mind that I share more 'typical' examples of Male-Female Harmony in this blog, like the one of Fred and Ginger below. The energies are so effortless, the Masculine and Feminine interplay so refined, it was the only way I could think of to demonstrate it. Just think of this beautiful dancing as going on all around you, everywhere you look, in the energies on the planet--God and Goddess, swirling in rhythm, creating Life Energy just like you have swirling in YOU! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy this interplay, or 'la difference' as they say in France, today, starting here with this three minute video clip. <3


Reiki Doc