Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Walk With Me: Day One in 5D

At the end of each day, while you are learning to co-create, imagine your day that has passed like a giant chalkboard or white board. Review. Enjoy. Erase. And fall asleep dreaming about what you would like to do tomorrow.

Today was phenomenal. Here is what I co-created:

  • I was on time at work. The surgeon was late. And the first case CANCELLED!
  • I thought how it was cool that I could make people sleep while someone sawed out their old knee and put in a new one.
  • The second knee 'remembered me from last time'. I think it may have been a special request case. On knees most people get them both replaced but one at a time to allow for healing. I <3 special request cases.
  • When she woke up, she raised her arms straight up overhead and started CLAPPING! I have NEVER seen anything like that in the O.R. (For reference, a patient saying 'thank you' after an anesthetic is the golden Pie In The Sky sign that you did excellent work--heck, they are not supposed to even remember who you are if you do your job right, yes?) I was so delighted bent down over her head and I hugged and kissed her (mask on) right on the OR table!
  • The next case was not a knee, but the patient was a Living Miracle--he had been through a tremendously difficult hospitalization, but got better. A healed trach scar on the neck is an ominous sign. He was so sweet and joked 'I have seven lives left!'
  • Same patient woke up with the most gratitude on the planet. He thanked everyone on the team. Again and again. He was so adorable I hugged his head from where I stand too.
  • I wear two small vials of aromatherapy oil around my neck. They help me considerably (www.PeacefullScents.com). Now people at work are asking questions. I let them smell and ask them if they would like to try it. One is pheromone, the other is aphrodite. When I share, I tell them that I 'activate their aphrodite meridian' or 'if you get lucky tonight you can come back for more of this tomorrow!' and smile. You should have seen the lady who cleans the O.R., Mama Flor--she came in running from the hall with both wrists extended saying, 'Give me some of that stuff! I want THAT!' Her colleague Magda also hit on Art the tall, dark and handsome scrub tech in the breakroom too. He didn't know what hit him! LOL It feels so good to be open and honest about who I am. And I laugh because fragrance is primal--Hello? It is Cranial Nerve ONE, the olfactory nerve! In Engineering we would say that the combination of Light Work with Fragrance, under the label 'aromatherapy' is 'elegant'. People WANT it. The nurses in my O.R. as we were setting up asked me to 'doctor them up with that stuff' too. <3
  • On Saturday I was moved to extend the 'removals and protection' from dark entities and negative entities beyond my readers and their loved ones. I negotiated a deal going back in time to cover everyone who set foot in the restaurant Au Lac on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Workers, customers, whoever. I offered up in exchange my transcripts of texts with my sister over what had happened with my nana. That was Spirit's term for the deal. I gave a one hundred fifty dollar energy exchange value to each individual, without their knowing it. (There are six books out there now, number one on the charts, about people who have gone to Heaven once and lived to tell about it. What I write is profitable. I exchange the opportunity for compensation for this work by publishing it for free online. This value of energy on behalf of those I 'serve' 'pays' the GCH on Spirit Side to do the clearings and healings and protection. I pay your bill with my work.)
  • I do this work along the lines of Margaret Mc Cormick. She trained me in DPH. I wanted so much to be like her, but she didn't offer higher DPH 'Master' classes. I sort of fudged it on my own with the GCH (guides of compassionate healing) on some of my patients that really needed it. You don't need permission to do this, it is on a soul level. What I do is ask the GPH to detect any attachments to the aura, remove them in a safe manner over a short course of weeks' time, heal the aura from the energy parasites, and apply a golden mesh of protection to prevent the attachment of any new parasites. When aura is weakened, by strong emotion or anesthesia, 'things' can 'attach'.  (www.margaretmccormick.com)
  • According to Cobra, the Light has achieved a major victory and cleared something that was energetically implanted on us prior to birth for everyone on the planet. These three implanted energetic devices are used for control and create a bubble of energy all the way around each body. When people crowd together, they magnify the field of this disharmonious energy and need to be controlled. Everything from the ground down (the bottom half of the sphere) is clear. What has been happening is that the negative implants and the field that they generate are the perfect hiding place for dark non-physical entities that are behind the control. They are hiding in their own control system. Because of the clearing, more are 'loose' and 'actively seeking an aura to hide in'. Anyone who has ever read  these pages, even the haters, are protected and have been so since they read this work. Anyone who has ever liked the FB 'page', or followed on Twitter, and their loved ones, have this protection. And anyone who set foot in that place I mentioned two dots above, and their loved ones, is safe. More at (http://2012portal.blogspot.com/2013/03/implanthemispheres-and-galactic-central.html#comment-form) --please note, you will get the comment form and have to scroll all the way up to get to the link.
  • The joke of the day in the O.R.-- Surgeon working on hemorrhoid to dutiful nurse, 'Here is a specimen for frozen section (pathology)'  Nurse, 'What do you want to label it? Please spell it.' Surgeon, very stern, 'S-H-I-T'. She fell for that one and we all laughed hard.
  • My friends who were watching the kids were kind and offered me a bowl of porridge for dinner when I came at eight to pick them up. They are Japanese (him) and Singapore (her). I asked her if Singapore was a country or a city, I tried to look it up and was confused. Here is something cool she showed me about her home town and home country in Indonesia: 
  • I gave her Sai Maa Diksha and she liked it. She knew who Sai Baba was. Sai Maa Diksha 'burns the seeds of Karma in the Pineal Gland'. It is hands-on energy healing and takes only a few minutes to do. I like energy healing my friends.
  • On the way home, I heard this on my favorite station, 91X. Here is the song, one of my all time favorites, that resonated strongly with me tonight:

Here is the link to 91X. You can stream it live: 91X.com

They kind of overdid it on the ads, but it is from San Diego and truly close to my heart.

  • I got to read another chapter of Le Petit Prince in French to the kids at bedtime.  Je suis tres contente. Bonne nuit!

I had a lot to erase tonight.

I can't wait for tomorrow!


Reiki Doc

P.S. here is a helpful link from St. Germain http://pleiadedolphininfos.blogspot.com/2013/03/saint-germain-be-cautious-and-peaceful.html