Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Information on The Liver For You

Today I hit my gastroenterologist up during our lineup of cases to pick his brain on the latest I have researched on liver and colon health for you.

Here are the facts:

  • Milk Thistle is good! Sources vary in strength, there are no real protocols yet. He recommends 500-750 mg a day. Milk Thistle is used to slow the disease process in hepatitis B and C. It is common in Europe, where there even is an IV form available.
  • Hepatitis C is 70-80% curable using a 'triple therapy'. It all depends on the kind of Hepatitis C virus you have--there is a hard one and an easy one. There also is your genetic ability to respond to the treatment, and they are able to test for that too.
  • Hepatitis B is not curable. It may be slowed, but cannot be reversed.
  • Liver 'flushes' and 'detoxes' do not achieve results in multiple tests. However, avoiding hepatotoxic insults before they damage the liver is very wise! Here is the short list: Tylenol (acetaminophen ), alcohol, tobacco(makes cirrhosis worse), GMO, pesticide, synthetic chemicals. The plan is to let the liver rest and therefore heal.
  • Intake of alcohol daily is a greater risk of cirrhosis. People who take in more than 30g a day are at risk. Smoking makes it riskier too.
  • Colonic therapy, high pressure, is known to have complications such as perforation of bowel which requires immediate, life-saving surgery (and possibly a colostomy). The reason is that the tube is inserted blind, and there is no visualization of colonic health before the pressure is applied.
  • Colonic flushes and cleanses are not necessary to 'detox' anything. If you want to be 'cleaned out' any standard bowel prep will do.
  • More on diet recommendations later--for now, in cirrhosis the recommendation is for increased caloric intake with higher protein and carbohydrate for optimal health in disease.

Reiki Doc