Sunday, March 24, 2013

Messages From My Patients: Chapter 54

July 25, 2009
On Monday two weeks ago, we came home for a swim in the upper pool.
I was struck by two things-
1)            The darkest Indian I have ever seen. I wondered if he could swim?
2)            A sense that someone was going to die in that pool. I didn’t want it to be me.
Later that week the pool was closed—Vandals had broken the gate and also thrown all the chairs in.
This past Monday, July 20, the dark-skinned man drowned. I have the article and obit here in my journal. Binayak Bhatta Charyya “Ben”…
I was at the lower pool yesterday—we drove by the upper. It was closed.  I felt Ben.
Everything is going to be okay.” He told me. I felt it was about my future.
B:   I saw that you were worried about the money, about life, your work. I saw it when I was in the pool with you. I saw it in your eyes. I want you to be happy for a lot of things. Not having a job has been a blessing. Thou art closer to the Lord and out of the night of darkness. Everything will happen in the right way. Thou wilt find love. And peace. And happiness in they heart.
I was a long way from India when I died. I do not miss it. The same as it will be for you. Clean your house. Enjoy your garden. Do not go out with Debby. Work on your paper-poster. Outline it. Outline both.
God will marry you/have blessing. I have one last wish. Light a candle for me. Outside. In the back. Pink. On the table.
I love you,
They neighbor... I am sorry I died in thy best pool…(tousles my hair)

P.S. I have not swam in that pool since. It has been three summers...