Sunday, March 10, 2013

Ghosts in Yesterday's Yoga Class

water is a metaphor for Intuition

On Friday night in the O.R., the team had 'questions' for me. First and foremost, 'Do you see any ghosts in the O.R.?' This is reasonable because many people die there. The answer was not really, just one, the mom of the charge nurse. They were shocked, in a nice way, to know that she would make the effort to come there.

On Saturday morning, in Yoga Class, everything was Light. We were laughing because YogiBill has a little 'secret': he plays Black Sabbath and other hard rock groups in yoga class. He just selects the soft and pretty cuts on those albums. I called him, 'The Yoga Heretic' and everyone thought that was funny.

Then, on second-thought, Bill added, 'We are doing yoga to Nine Inch Nails'. After the laughing subsided, he said, 'This is a very special album. It is hard to get. It is the ghost series. There are four albums and the is one of them.'

I thought about the studio. Many people love that place. And some of them must have died. I 'adjusted my antennae' and focused in.

Sure enough, there was a woman next to me, a spirit, who smiled and was doing yoga.

'Who ARE you?' I asked, surprised, with my mind.

She was someone who loved to take YogiBill's classes, had cancer, and died but 'kept coming back'. A nice lady, middle aged, not great shape, not horrible, with short curly grey hair like one who has a perm and brushes it out. Her energy was that of love and light.

I didn't tell anyone.

Instead I stretched and listened to YogiBill reading aloud, of all things, poetry in honor of the Goddess. Usually he sticks to Native American or Asian traditions when he reads aloud to us in class. I enjoyed it immensely, the chance to align more with Her.

But at the end, when YogiBill asked about my son (I have been dragging him to yoga and bribing him with trips to Disneyland so I can go to yoga on my weekends), his friend commented on how mature and calm he is for such a young age.

'Didn't I tell you? He is a Reiki Master. I attuned him at his request. He got it at age seven. You know how they 'socialize' children and take away their psychic gifts? Well, he is WIDE OPEN. He even sees ghosts. Just like I do.'

His friends' face fell, as if in deep thought. Then she said, 'This is a gift. How do you do it?'

I said, 'How do I not? It runs in the family. Grandpa, Mom, me, my son, my niece....'

I told her I saw ghosts before I told her I was a physician. This is the way Yoga Class is.  ; )  They still don't know. I like to keep it that way. All they needed to know is that I work in a hospital, and that I have work next class so I will miss it.

I shared that this class is important for me because I work with the energy. I did not disclose that during out 'Yoga OM' loudness, I had used my Karuna voice. I gave the symbols for healing of the soul, unconditional love, and psychic awareness. I also activated a Gaia Portal of the Goddess as I danced. They must have worked--because not more than twenty minutes later, my 'ghost whisperer' secret was safe with the class.


Reiki Doc