Thursday, March 14, 2013

Messages From My Patients: Chapter 43

January 7, 2009
Today in OR 1 I saw this (picture of view I have at head of table, Dr. K on the left, JCM on right. Above about three feet off floor was Blessed Mother and my patient who is on the table, in spirit, LM holding hands, watching and smiling)
L.M. 42 year old ASA 4, CABG x 1, AVR, MVR, TV ring, DOR
L.M., her voice was golden like honey. “Remember you don’t have to tell anybody what you see.
I realized that there is no other purpose, except to help my soul get to heaven. And that was nice.
My boy gave me two tight hugs and two hard kisses in OSS nurses’ lounge before he left for school with my friend who works nights.  He always knows when my work is going to run late. He really blesses me.
This is L.M. I am so glad you talked with me today. Everything is going to be okay. You are GOOD at your occupation! (I saw all of it when I got ‘out’. I didn’t know how you had to work so hard and study. Not like that! All of you in the medical field.)
Anyhow, God will have your pleasure. You are sweet. It will come to this:
            My hand in yours
            Your heart in mine
            Our hearts beat together
I promise God will make you happy! There is another close to you. I call to him. Tonight. In his sleep. 
I will marry you. True tenderness awaits.
Bye bye, God will make you Beautiful.