Sunday, March 31, 2013

Messages From My Patients: Chapter 65

January 10, 2010
Yesterday I learned that on Friday 1/8/10 morning, Margarito, the moustached tall cleaning guy in the hall in the OR’s  died of a massive heart attack.
I felt bad. I barely knew him. Then he came, he said it was okay. He knew I was from God, that’s all that mattered. And he’s happy to be out of his body and where ‘there is no rush’. (Like in the OR).
Everything happens for the best. You are sweet. I saw this when you took care of patients, acknowledged me and talked about your boy. Even I knew about your son! You talk about it so much. Enjoy him. Let it rest. Clean half of what you thought. Look where it got me (tenses). “
Adios un bueno amigo en cielo,
Margarito M.