Saturday, March 23, 2013

Messages From My Patients: Chapter 53

July 4, 2009
I pray for you.
Carla, this is Richard. Richard (our last name), your father. I want to say Happy Birthday and how I feel for you has not changed. I died, I passed but my love for you remains on earth and in Heaven. I want you to be true to yourself. Follow your heart. About work. You are a little girl first (my little girl) and mother/mommy second. Everything will be given. I have another gift for you. From my prayer ( ed- he shows me a beautiful white Casablanca lily). God loves you very much. I have been chosen and selected to inform you that God has a plan for you. God loves you.  God has a lot of tenderness for you. I bless this.
Thou wilt be happy. God has blessed this. And I helped.
God is going to marry you, my princess. Have faith. Never be afraid of what will pass. I want my death to prove that you can survive all tests.
God loves you.
I love you.
Get some rest. Enjoy this time you have from Heaven. It is special.
Your father in the sky,
Richard “Dick” Leonard (our last name)

(ed - by the way, it is almost four years later-2013-, and I am still single. ; ) Time in Heaven does not make sense sometimes. C'est la vie, n'est-ce pas? )