Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Interface

I am going to push some buttons. YOUR buttons. Don't say I didn't warn you. Let's begin.

How many vegetarians own a snake?

I have a sister who is a vegetarian and feeds her dog vegetarian dog food. A dog is an obligate carnivore.

Would you feed  ice cream to a tiger?

Are you out of your comfort zone now? And do I still have your attention? It won't take much of your time.

I have learned a powerful lesson raising the rats and mice to feed the snake: I like both.

Let me restate that: I LOVE both the mice and the rats that are food for the snake, AND the snake.
And in dealing with them, I have observed that the love and bags of food and excitement over the babies end up as the final product: poop and white solid pee from the snake. All of my work is for what? S-H-I-T?

No. It isn't how I see it at all. The mice are very happy being mice. One mouse can have twenty-five babies in one litter! Do you know what this world would be without snake? Snake has a purpose. Our Cecil didn't ask to be born, or rather, hatched. But I grew up with an Elementary School Teacher for a father, so I grew up with tarantulas, dogs, fish, lizards, turtles, and snakes. Cecil is two years old. He is about four feet long and about three inches' diameter. He has a sweet disposition, for a snake, and from what I gather he likes to watch television. He has his emotions--hungry, full, and thankful to be fed. He knows I am 'mommy' and makes eye contact when he wants to eat. The kids wanted him as their first pet. Guess what happened? You got it! Mom gets to take care of it!

Are you vegans upset? I am raw vegan, not 100%. I try as best as I can to eat fresh diet that is right for me. I have high energy when I am on this. But for example here is what I ate today:
Breakfast--smoothie, baguette, apricot jam
Lunch--greek yogurt, kale salad with beets and tomato and hemp seeds, fresh carrots, baguette
Dinner--the last piece of thick crust pizza on the table in the nurses lounge that probably had a sliver or ham on it.  Nothing to drink.
Snack--organic orange
Why am I 'raw vegan' and eating like this? Because I don't have the time and there are not many options out there for me. I bought some raw vegan food at the store that was pre-made in the past. It was not nice, even though there were flowers on the pizza. Raw vegan prepackaged food is an oxymoron. So I do what I can, avoid meat as much as possible, and listen to my body.

I am therefore, metabolically, very much like MOUSE.

But for those of you out there who have 'gone vegan' for months and years and 'felt like crap'? Maybe there is something in your DNA that makes you more like SNAKE?

Who would know? I don't know how to read DNA. I know the letters--A,T,C,G.  Apart from that, all I can know is how MY DNA feels in ME.


I am not the same as you.

Do I want you to be happy and live a good life? Do I want you to be healthy? YOU BET!
But if we can't get the vegans and people on the Atkin's Diet to love one another and accept one another for WHO THEY ARE, we are no way in HECK going to get out of 3D. Just sayin'.

Vegans--just for the heck of it--try something that one of your friends would like to eat. Go for a steak and a baked potato with all the trimmings on it, just one time. At the restaurant, take a look around you. Look at the servers. All of these people believe in their hearts that 'this is love that is on their plates'.  They are OHANA. OHANA for me and OHANA for you. Love them.

Carnivores--just for the heck of it--try something without meat. Go to In and Out burger and get their veggie patty. Or if you want something amazing that will knock your socks off, go to a real vegan place. At the raw vegan restaurant, take a look around you. Look at the servers. All of the these people in the entire place believe in their heart of hearts that 'this is love that is on their plates'. You know what? They are right! What is right for you and what is right for them might be completely different! But in your OWN MINDS, both of you are RIGHT! We are all OHANA TOGETHER! LOVE THEM!

Wouldn't we agree that taking the cruelty OUT of our food is First Priority overall? No crazy chemicals and hormones and GMO in it? No chickens stuck in tiny cages with their toenails all grown around the wires on the bottom of the cage, waiting to be soup once they can't lay eggs? No more frankenfish with GMO in a salmon FARM? I hate to think of what they use for fertilizer when they plant them frankenfish!

Then, there is a balance for everyone to agree: if some of us need meat to get optimum health (it IS in their DNA, they did not ask for it), how do we get the meat? Who will kill it? Who will raise it? Don't look at me. I only raise mice for snake. I don't raise mice for me. I would not want to kill ANYTHING if that was my choice. I would cry before I could raise a hand to an animal. But that is me.

I have a friend who is raw. Not vegan. Just raw. But she used to put her frozen meat in the blender. It looked like something from biochem lab. Plain nasty. She listened to her body, and decided to make BROTH. And with the addition of broth to her raw diet, which had plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables  and dairy, she found the right 'mix' that worked for her.

Vegans, can you love her if she eats meat? Carnivores, can you love me if meat makes me sick and I rather prefer not to partake in it?

Isn't there something more important than what we put in our mouths?

Isn't it each other?

There you go. I was longer than I thought. But it was good for us, was it not, to take this elephant in the room and take it out in the open!


Reiki Doc