Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Visions and Dreams Talk Story

Elk is Animal Medicine for Stamina

Spirit 'nudged' me to go to the local metaphysical shop. Instead of taking a nap, I went.

Once in, I noticed the flyers. How odd it is that for all our metaphysical gifts, all we have to 'present' to others are the flyers that pile up on the shelves? Does it come down to this: the knack at graphic arts and self-promotion? 

Then I started to read the ones for the 'readers' on the wall. They sound a lot like me: lifelong gift, does Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Clair-everything (pan-clair? LOL), helping others. I liked the Wednesday night Deeksha share. Yes this is the same healing of the seeds of karma in the pineal gland that I call 'Sai Maa Diksha' in this blog. Long story short, there are some words I can't spell. Deeksha, or Diksha,  is simply one of them.

If you see me in a crystal shop, don't laugh. I am surfing the energies in the place, looking for Spirit to indicate what I am meant to buy. Notice that I am not saying, what I would like to buy; that is ego. I humbly go through the store, taking an energy 'read' on every item, and 'home in' on 'what feels right' for my spiritual development. 

Today I bought a windchime. Made by Woodstock, it is the Celestial Chime (TM) series called 'Moonrise'. This is a huge step for me for two reasons. First is to celebrate my femininity--or my 'moon nature'. Around my neck at all times except when I am submerged in water, are two vials of high vibrational aromatherapy oils. They are a 'patch' of sorts to my aura. They are protective. I swear to God, the copper one (I call 'sun', or 'masculine') is alive. The bottle unscrews when I am getting 'lost' in the illusion, either with family dynamics or at work. I smell that characteristic smell of what is inside, and I center myself. Then I collect my thoughts, think of Spirit, and also hunt for the bottle that has fallen down my shirt. The timing on this thing is awesome! The other, is silver, and I call it my moon, or my feminine side. 

Together when the masculine and feminine combine, in loving, the amoeboa energy parasites in our little time-space glitches in our 'reality' hidden in our auras are exposed, and therefore made harmless, by the Light.

On my neck I keep a reminder of this with me day and night. I have an assignment. I am taking this with me. Because it really HELPS.

The second reason, is that for my first marriage I had a set of Woodstock Chimes. 'Partch'. I had that all through medical school and everywhere I lived, restringing it twice. I loved those chimes. And yet with these new ones I felt it was time to let go of my past, and step into my future, by hanging these in front of my house.

I also bought a 'Be Love' bumper sticker. It has wonderful message to get out. I will tape it in the window; I am not a bumper-sticker kind of girl, and neither is my car.

I got 'All is Well', the new book by Louise Hay and Mona Lisa Shulz, M.D., If you liked the chakra-emotion-disease image on Facebook (there were forty-six shares), you might enjoy reading this book with me. (I also have given anesthesia to Louise Hay--once--but if confronted directly I will deny it).

I bought anise oil. I always loved Anisette. This is lovely. I also found a 'Soul Mate' candle. I am instructed to burn it tonight.

I got into a conversation with the owner. Spirit was nudging me, 'tell her you are Reiki Doc'. I did, kind of side-stepping into it. She had a HUGE block against it. She does Quantum Biofeedback, and 'is healthy'. 'If you can't pronounce it or understand it, it doesn't belong in your body' she said, explaining, 'I am not really into allopathic medicine.'

I looked at her straight in the eye with compassion. Out came her story of a TVH for endometriosis that led to a PE with a one-month stay in critical care. Six days were 'gone' from her life. I could see she resented the power the ICU docs had to 'take her out of the picture'. She even had gone with a 'new age MD' to find the medical records. All she could get were radiology reports. 

I knew she had been in a medically induced coma. It was for the vent she was on and for her not to pull her lines. I didn't need the chart. I also didn't need to explain this 'mystery' to her. Instead, I leaned in further and asked, 'Did you have any near-death experiences?' Surprisingly, no. But she thinks her 'Spiritual Life' began shortly after, as she opened the store.

I shared how with my pituitary surgery, when I woke up, I heard a voice that said, 'Leave Mark. Leave Clorox.' (first husband. job.) I explained how I had followed those 'commands' and my life had improved.

I also shared how last week, I had a woman, very short, very obese, very difficult technically for anesthesia for a re-do female surgery. I was looking at her while she was asleep and wondering, 'What happened?'. Then I saw her as a little girl, thin, happy, free in the field, playing. Then I saw the sexual abuse. I heard her spirit say to me, 'I had so much fear all the time I didn't know where to turn'. I assured her spirit that she was safe, that was a long time ago, and I directed lots of soul level healing (Karuna Reiki)  in. I explained gently that the darkness was over, and will you help others who have suffered like yourself? She was a total sweet heart. (yes, she got some Sai Maa Diksha too).

Upon hearing this the owner said, 'You sound like you should be in one of my reading rooms giving sessions'. We both laughed.

Then she shared her work. Quantum Biofeedback. It tests the aura for different organ system function, and type of malfunction (toxin, overuse, stress) just like the thing the mechanic uses to talk to the computer to diagnose your car. It also gives a printout. The Chinese athletes bought nine hundred of them before the Olympics. They believe. And it helped them win. Here is her link: www.thequantumgallery.com and more www.indigobeing.com. The first one is international, the second is a local distributor. The device looks like a pulse oximeter. Guess who did a blog last week on that??? ; )

I gave her a big hug. I said, 'Do you know how hard it was to go through medical school and KEEP QUIET?' She laughed and said, 'I don't know how you were able to keep it all to yourself!'

And if you are one of the one in three little girls who were touched as a child in a way that someone shouldn't have, or one of the one in ten little boys who were treated that way too, I have a special dedication for you. This is the song that helped me turn in my own relative, a male, who had started to mess with my son. He was two, and started doing weird things in the tub and said 'who it was' who did it to him. He said the same things at the dinner table at my ex's family's house, too. Dinner was ruined and my ex confronted me right away. I called child protective services. My ex took the rap, by mutual agreement. My family almost threw ME out because of what 'He--my ex-- did'. How dare he accuse 'our male family member' of that? Well, it was either that, or risk losing custody of my child for looking the other way. I nailed him. How could a two year old make up something as outrageous as that? It was a cry for help. I had to believe him! The most important line that got me through that heartbreak is this: when you are faced with a choice and you have to choose, always choose the one that means the most to you.  I listened to this song in tears for months, until I began to believe it and heal from the pain. I spared him this agony that I had endured, just like my patient. It takes one to know one. I am a survivor too. You can see it in the search box if you really want to. I don't want to share it all here now. Your darkness is over. Your healing is taking place. Will you be willing to help others as they come to the Light? 

I love your brave, hardy souls so very tenderly, for all you have survived and for the Light you carry with you.


Reiki Doc

P.S. He passed months after being reported. He did not have the courage to show up at my first mediumship session with Tim Braun. But at the second? He threw himself at my feet, holding my legs in tears, and confessed to everything. And added that I was the only one in the family smart enough to 'catch him red handed'. He 'got bored' and came up with 'this game' and had no remorse or concept of how much pain he had caused to others. Tim said that he was taken to a special holding place in heaven for deep healing. It has been some time, and now his spirit and I are on good terms, and close again, like before this ever happened.