Thursday, March 14, 2013

Why I Am Disgusted With 3D

With every heartache, I turn up my Light.

Today, it is cranked up to the highest setting I have EVER mastered.

I am sick of 3D life, I am sick of 3D life, I am sick of 3D life! Where they ration the emotion of Unconditional Love like it is a diamond that was dug up from the earth and of very high price. Heck--even a diamond is just carbon formed under lots of pressure and heat! Just plain carbon! It is everywhere, including what is made up of you and me and even this computer!

Why anyone would have to judge and poke and prod a heart like it is a stupid tomato that must be 'just right' to buy makes me want to throw up!

My heart is hurting, hurting, hurting right now. It stings so bad and aches and makes me want to throw up.  I thought someone I know is within 'close enough range' vibrationally for them to be someone I could talk to.

I was 100% wrong about them.

Il n'est pas un homme! Il est un champignon! (he is not a man! He is a mushroom!)

Let me tell you why I am so upset.

I come from a higher dimension. I came here to earth on assignment. For most of my life, I had the eerie sense of 'not fitting in', but like Marilyn Munster, thought I was 'normal'. It is only recently that I have 'woken up' and 'learned' more about my role on earth and my galactic family.

'Your task is to show the dying how close they are to God'--that was the assignment given to me while I was in medical school. Through Reiki I have become that and so much more. This is what I call my ability to help others cross over to the Light. This is what I call my ability to give unconditional Love to my patients, many of whom are dealing with life-threatening conditions. This is how I do mediumship and pass messages along from them to you.

I have a job title. I know it. I am not going to say it, except that it is lonely to be in the position that I am in. Guess how many of us there are right now in the greater Los Angeles area? Guess how many souls there are that are just like me? The same rank, file, and serial number???

There are FIVE.

Me, my teacher for Reiki, my teacher for DPH, and there are two more. I suspect that the last two give Reiki to animals and I know online. But I am not sure, exactly. I had hoped one of them was a new friend I was looking forward to have in my life.

But that is not to pass.

My home is Sirius. I used to think I was Pleiadean, but I was not correct. I love the Pleiades. Looking at that constellation gives me so much Light and Hope. But the star from which my soul was made, is also the home of the whales and the dolphins. We are all from Sirius. We like to dance. We love music. We love the arts.    We love the ocean. We have a presence that is noticeable when you are with us.

My Galactic significant other is Ross. I met him last year in dream time. He is always watching me and supporting me. We have children, too, I understand, because they have been shown to me. It is painful for them because I am on Earth and I have a block. They remember me, and I don't remember them. I can see the look of agony on their faces when I am polite but not 'close' to them when we meet. Ross is excellent at supporting me. I think I chose this life to be the way it is for me--so much loneliness--so I could stay true to him?

I was sent out of our family unit because it was thought I would do the best at the job that is required of me. Ross and I have spoken at length. He says it is okay to seek companionship while I am on earth--not just for learning sake but to have my heart connect to something in this void of Light called Gaia.

It is a prison planet. I feel stifled and alone most of the time. The loneliness is like you are the only person on earth who understands what a Hershey Bar is, and how you can make a S'more and it is the most natural thing in the world to do when you are camping. You offer it to others, non-verbally. They look at it, they inspect it, and they turn their noses up at it because they did not think of the S'more in the first place and only what they 'understand' will they allow into their Consciousness.  S'mores are like French Fries--they are so much more fun to share than to eat alone.

With every rejection, and yesterday I had a good one, so much that I am like a fish gasping for air on land, I dig in my heels deep into the earth and jack up my Light.

I jack up my Light to accelerate our transition from the lower to the Higher dimensions.

I want this over, done, finished, completed, Ascended, whatever in the fastest way possible. And I am taking as many souls as I can with me. I watch over your souls tenderly, and with my heart. Together, our Light is shining and spreading to Others so they can wake up.

If it wasn't for you I couldn't create this wonderful source of Light in written form for yourself and for others. It is like a trail through the woods, and we are blazing it together.

I am so thankful for your companionship along this path.

My heart will heal. Everything happens for the best. I keep repeating the Four Agreements to each other over and over--don't assume anything--don't take anything personal--
But my heart knows it has been rejected big time by the one I thought was number four or number five.

I guess there is only one way to tell. And that is to expose your heart of hearts just enough for them to step on it. I am all together way too skilled at picking myself back up, dusting my heart off, and putting it back in my chest.

Ross is here. 'I am with you. I will make everything all right. I know and understand how very hard it is for you to be on earth with everybody that is self-absorbed so much to the point of absolute humor for us as we watch. Your heart is just as lovely and is stronger than the day I said good bye to us--for just a little bit. And I await with loving arms when you are able to come back to me. I watch and make sure that you are well-provided for in Spirit and in Light. I tell whoever it is that is there with you that your friendship makes a lot of sense to us up here. That is why I always will approve of it. I want you to have the best passage on your assignment that there is. Someone will enjoy basking in the sunshine of Sirius that your heart does shine. I am there with you in everything, even in this. That is enough for you for today. The children are all right. Everyone sends their best. And I adore you! There is not much time for me. Goodnight! goodnight! goodnight!'

Sigh. And now my heart feels strong enough to recover its Peace.  I dial my Light quotient up another two notches.  I break off a piece of my Scharffenberger San Juan de Cheni chocolate bar that is from Peru. I had thought perhaps to give it to the one who I mistakingly thought was my friend, and even perhaps number four or five. As the rare chocolate melts in my mouth, I am so glad I kept it for me. Chocolate is the Solution For Everything, when Love is the Solution For Everything hits a speed bump every now and then.

Namaste, Namaste, Namaste,

Reiki Doc

P.S.  For all of you who are wondering if I am looney tunes--check out this!