Saturday, March 16, 2013

A Message to The Inhabitants of Gaia for 3.17.13

WE are opening the Portal of the Heart on Gaia in Your Hearts and in all that lives. The animals and the families and the farmers and the workers and the healers and the Lightworkers, all of them together, are going to have an awareness made in their heart centers that had been quiet and ineffective far too long for the good of all.

What is happening, Gentle Spirits, is the Coming of the Light to you on Earth, all of Her People.

In order to best prepare for this, we would like for you to make the following arrangements:

  • drink plenty of pure, clean water, water that is running and has to sit a bit. Anything you pour through a filter or into a carafe is adequate. (Not a bottle that has been on a shelf, that water is not active enough. We need water that has been in Earth and is active in Gaia's vibration).
  • We want you to follow the example of Masaru Emoto and 'bless' with your thoughts and minds and spirits enough water with the loving kindness of the light. From your hands and your heart, allow loving feelings as if you were gazing upon your newborn infant for the first time to enter the water before you drink it.
  • We want you to enjoy good eating habits for an entire day. Avoid the processed that is 'not active in energy' for an entire day.
  • We request for you to avoid alcohol and other toxic 'recreational substances' until the portal is opened and Justice is anchored into the planet. We know it is St. Patrick's day. If it is not possible for you to avoid the celebration of this time, we ask for you to cut back, cut back, cut back on all of these general toxins that are not healthy for your beautiful vibration.
  • We want you to rest! Whenever you are inspired, try to take a small nap. Get plenty of rest tonight. Go to bed early if possible; tomorrow is going to be a good day and we want as much of the energy to be absorbed through your own bodies when it arrives.
  • Would you 'be on guard' against negative thoughts for a day? Try to 'notice them' and as soon as they happen, try to 'pluck them out'. Allow the emotions to rest. Try to take nothing personal for the next twenty-four to forty-eight hours. This will help anchor the energies too.
We want you to think of yourself as a paper straw that is stuck deep into the 'orange' of Gaia. Instead of sucking the juice out, we are going to put the pure Rainbow Energy of Light deep into the ground, all the way to the center in her Core. This is just like you are doing abdominal work on your core in Pilates or in Yoga, your Hara is your Strength. We are opening up to Her a lot of 'muscle work' in her center so She may have a solid 'anchor' for the Light. It is going to require all of your Help, not just the ones that 'speak unto the Light' and 'make it public'. More is going to pass through in them than ever before; that is why they have been prepared for it in order for them to hold more Light and Transmit it to the physical plane. All of you are connected though your heart centers in Love enough to Transmit it too. You are like smaller roots that are branching out , forming a network of Light. Just like the Leaves turn the energy of the sun into plant nutrients and store it in the roots, our energy of Light is going to pass through a Mighty Oak Tree of all of you who are Open to the Light, and therefore interconnected.

Anchor your Light. Make it Transmit deep into the soul and heart of Gaia. She is on her way to Magnificence. If you find Her beauty now, what is to follow will utterly amaze you! Help Her at this critical time and juncture!

All it will require of you is to be a good Light Channel to absorb and direct the Light of the Cosmos down into your energy from your Head and through your Heart and down your feet through the 'little roots' that connect all of you to Gaia, and to each other. Try to think of a mushroom for another example, and how all of the life and energy interconnects before anything makes it to the surface and forms what you see 'a mushroom'. We want you to allow for this interconnection to make it possible for the Light to go a little father and deeper into Gaia than it has ever traveled in the past. 

Open up your heart centers to Light, and allow it to transmit to you like gentle 'lightening' through 'ground' through the Lightening Rod of your bodies and your Spirits.

That is enough for today. All your energy is lovely for all of us up Here. WE can see all of it, and it is like an entire town lit up with holiday decorations where everyone decorates their house with strings of tiny lights. Imagine looking at it from outer space! The effect is dazzlingly bright.

Namaste, Namaste, Namaste,

We are the Lightworkers on Spirit Side for you.
The representatives of Source

We will not name ourselves anything just yet.

(ed- this has been tested true with a pendulum and is assuredly from the Light, this channelling)

Reiki Doc