Friday, March 8, 2013

Daily Surf Report: 3.8.13

The energies out there are pretty chaotic. In the last day I have noticed a 'change' in the 'higher energies' that are 'out there'. I have also noticed a change in some other Lightworkers. For example, Kau'ilapele LOST his 'connection' to Madame Pele yesterday. This is significant. 'Today's energies from Hawaii' Lightworker who is the 'point' for all of the Pacific has had his 'radio' shut down. I have noticed a lot 'less' on the 'airwaves' myself. And a need for discernment on every 'message' that comes through.

What I think is happening is a combination of multiple factors:

  • we were warned of this by our channelled messages across many sources--a time will come where the only 'guidance' to be had is our own connection to 'Source'
  • we are not the only ones 'on the airwaves'--just like in conventional conflict there is an art to 'radio jamming' I suspect there is an element of something like that going on right now too. 
  • this means that our brothers and sisters at the front line are 'winning the good fight' so much that the 'dark hats' are having a frantic last rally and resorting to this 'jamming'
  • the energies on Gaia have risen enough to permit the ability to manifest. It is not random. It is happening whether you realize it or not: your thoughts have incredible power, and one 'they have been thought' if any emotion is added to them they will 'manifest' into reality. We are Creator God Sparks and have the exact same ability as him/her.
  • Our 'Creative Ability' had been hijacked by the system to 'keep us down'--conventional media, conventional medicine, conventional diet all focused our 'Creative Ability' on 'Something that was desired--for THEM'
  • Now with THEM rallying, they are 'putting on the works' and 'losing the grip on everyone in general' so these 'signs' are possibly the first signs of Freedom from Duality.
What do I recommend?
  • Daily connection to Source. For most people who are not trained meditators, five minutes in Nature is going to 'enhance' your energy/thinking/Spirit more than five hours in 'Lotus position'
  • Eat and drink with the goal to Raise Your Vibration as much as possible!
  • Filter your thoughts. You use a water filter don't you? And a coffee filter or tea bag? Well, THOUGHTS ARE VERY POWERFUL! You have to 'filter them' and 'pluck out' a negative one when it crops up. Acknowledge. Accept. And don't question--just pull that 'negative thought' out.
  • Be mindful of the other four pillars of health--besides Nutrition, there is Sleep, Environment and the avoidance of 'toxins', Emotional health (Tend and Befriend! : )))  ), and Physical Body Movement. Together these create Optimum Health. 
  • Cultivate #gratitude, #beauty, # LOVE, #faith in one's ability sooooooooo much, that Here and Now will attract everything you desire. 'There' is not better than 'Here'. This is the 'ticket out of duality'.  If you are into Louise Hay, affirmations are the perfect antidote to the chaotic energies that are out there.
What do I forsee?
  • This little surfer is picking up a large 'swell' in energy that is to hit on St. Patrick's Day.  It is powerful--8 to 10 feet while we are in poor-shape knee to thigh height waves now. You are going to be able to do a lot with it.
  • The Illuminati get a big charge out of Easter. They call it Oestara. Some even go to mass to get energy for their 'cause'. Watch and see what 'happens' between now, St. Patrick's Day, and Oestara. It is going to be fascinating.
  • If you do everything you can to keep your Vibration as high as possible you are going to be fine!
  • Reach out and help others. In the mode of Service/Compassion your raise your frequency/vibration most of all. 
  • Your Heart Center is your 'Lie Detector' and 'Guide'. As it Resonates you will know what is 'Right' for you.

We are very lucky to be here on Earth at this time. What is happening is rare, and exciting. It is the very first time an entire PLANET Ascended along with all of its inhabitants at the same time! It used to be One or the Other... Enjoy the trip. Enjoy the Adventure. And Enjoy the Light. 

You are here for a Reason! What makes your Heart Sing has everything to do with it. Just enjoy being YOU! 

And if you forget just how wonderful you are, and how you are seen in the eyes of Source, just come back and let me love on you. You are a miracle! I see that with  BOTH EYES! Mwah! Mwah! Mwah! Mwah! Mwah! I can see Heaven in YOUR HEART! Hug! Hug! Hug! Hug! Hug! I BELIEVE IN YOU! Squeeze! Squeeze! Squeeze! Squeeze! Heaven on Earth is RIGHT AROUND THE BEND! Woo hoo! Woo hoo! Woo hoo! Woo hoo! Woo hoo! 

And in Heaven....everyone just as excited to be with you as I am here and now with your today! Can you imagine this?!? Isn't it the BEST????? Love and Light FOREVER! Until then, you are Ohana (the Hawaiian word for Family.) We are all 'Aunties' and 'Uncles' and 'Cousins' to each other. So I send out a big blast of Reiki and Divine Peace Energy to all of my Ohana every day. For free. To YOU! So hang on and enjoy the abundance of the Heart that is in Heaven. 

Namaste, Namaste, Namaste, Namaste, Namaste,

Reiki Doc