Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Mime of Ballet: Promises of Eternal Love

If I were to make this gesture: index and middle finger up, rest of hand closed in fist, press them to my lips, clasp my left hand over my heart and raise the right up to Heaven, would you 'get' that I was making a very serious promise to love you for all eternity (if we were involved of course)?

It is true. I have performed on pointe on stage enough to have learned the 'mime language of ballet'. In ballet true love, and thwarted love with lovers coming back as spirits in the second act are common place. Take Giselle, for example, who dies of congenital heart disease over her beloved marrying for money with so done else. My favorite to perform is The Dance of The Shades in La Bayadere. The deceased lover comes back in multiples. In ghostly white and gossamer tutu and sheer fabric draped from the arms, we walk the steps slowly in unison to magnify the significance of her heartfelt love.

Arms crossed overhead, with fists clenched are ominous, for it is the command to put someone to death!

Here is the link for more if you are interested:

I have studied the work of Cobra(look up in search box Little  Red Pill on this blog if you are I the rested to learn too) and have become knowledgeable about the signs to communicate among people who are involved in ritual abuse. The signs are everywhere! Just yesterday, at the elementary school near m&m's house, I saw a perfect inverted star in the plaque mounted on the wall of the office to designate this a Blue Ribbon School. Right out in the open in front of everybody! Furthermore, the kids in the family watched the Kids Choice Awards. As so done who is aware, I was shocked to see the format presented  in a very thinly veiled Ritual format. The selection of others 'to be slimed' , the frenzy that was worked up, and the green color all carry dual significance to those who are 'in the know'. It is definitely NOT of the Light. As a Lightworker, I have a need to know, in order to do my work to heal the situation and direct light upon it.

Ritual abuse is real. I knew a nurse and a secretary where I trained in residency who were multiple personality disorder survivors of ritual abuse. Their stores were terrifying g to the point of my questioning if what they were saying was the truth? It was that awful--being impregnated, carrying to term, giving birth and don't want to know. But my heart said to listen, this is the truth. You are fortunate to have their trust and have them share this with you.  (history of the Rchons blog post will let you know more, especially about the significance of the number 33, its connection to freemasonry. Disney club 33 and South Coast Plaza being 3333 Bristol and by Anton (La Vey) street are not 'coincidence' in any way at all.

Look for the signs. Educate yourself so that you may help others. The Light of Awareness is contagious.


Reiki Doc