Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Instant Energy Boost for 5D People

This is La Jolla Cove, where the seals are, one of my favorite places on Gaia

Dance naked.

When you are alone, just take off your clothes, crank up some music, and dance all by yourself.

I am not saying 'dance in front of the children' or 'dance in front of the window with no clothes on'. Doctors With Reiki is family-friendly!

But Doctors With Reiki is also Pro-Health, including the health of the chakras and the energy bodies.

Fifth dimensional people, also known as 'witches', always do their most important work 'skyclad'. The term 'skyclad' means 'clothed by the sky' with also happens to be 'naked'.

Why is this? Because the energy of the naked human body is fantastically aligned with Source. With Goddess. With Creator. With Light.

The feminine energies, just like in childbirth, are strong and filled with LIFE. One cannot access them with the mind. Try to explain 'intuition'. You can't. It just IS.

So it is the same with the feminine and masculine energies. In order to balance them, the fastest and most effective way is to get yourself skyclad and just dance.

Experience the freedom in your movement. Celebrate your scars and sags and wrinkles. You earned them. If your body works enough to dance, that is a MIRACLE! And as you move, let go of all your worries and cares and troubles if only for a brief time. Flow with the music and in doing so you access your innate self-healing powers. Just try it. You will feel better than caffeine or energy-drink. It will also be more natural and balanced for your system.

Here is a very nice song for dancing, ah.... 'skyclad'. Enjoy! and Namaste,

Reiki Doc

P.S. And ladies? If you would like your husband to be a little more helpful with chores, you might suggest doing them together--'skyclad'. I have heard they look forward to 'tidying up' when you do. ; )