Sunday, March 24, 2013

'Whatever You Are...'

Hello bear.

You are looking at me and trying to figure me out, aren't you? You see my form, and struggle because my energy signature is not quite a match. It is puzzling, isn't it? Because what you see with your eyes, and what you feel with your heart are not the same.

On the outside, to your earthen eyes, I am petite, female, with a beautiful smile. I have an easy laugh, I enjoy yoga, and I am discovering I have quite a taste for raw vegan food.

Rocket fuel, I call it, this raw vegan food. For on the energy side I have been a 'work in progress' for about three years, constantly clearing and raising my vibration to the highest possible level. This is the part that puzzles you. Something is going on that you can't see but you feel quite strongly.

What I am is a higher-dimensional being who is incarnated on earth. I did not know it for sure while growing up; I felt 'different' but 'fit in as best I could'. Like Sleeping Beauty, I was living my life that was ordinary, until I was tapped to do my work as Ground Crew. It is the most difficult assignment for a Light Worker.

Although I have a job title, and am active on my newest assignment, I do not wish to complicate things by sharing too much at this time, I will give you the following facts about me, in the hope if you find there are similar things in you, perhaps you may discover you are Ground Crew and await your assignment with patience, love, and Light:

  • I excel at many disciplines and I adore learning: High School GPA 4.0. Mathlete. Cheer. Gymnastics. Eight medals of merit at graduation--I clanked when I walked. UC Berkeley, Chemical Engineering, GPA 3.4. Plays piano. Dances ballet. Speaks three languages fluently. Lifelong interest in medicine, paid own way through medical school, is now a board-certified anesthesiologist.
  • Visionary: Contact with Blessed Mother began in 1990, through knowing another visionary as a friend of family.
  • Psychic and Medium Certification:  I am nearly complete with my requirements for this, and if extra-credit were available, would have been awarded it already. (The last year, Spirit work 'took off' and I have not been able to attend classes. I am a few hours short of completion)
  • Educator:  I was an Associate Clinical Professor responsible for training residents in anesthesiology, including the subspecialty of Cardiac Anesthesiology. I am known in my field.
  • Mother: The hardest job I ever loved. This one made my heart soften and open more for everyone I meet.
  • Healer:  Reiki Master, Karuna Reiki Master, Divine Peace Healing, and Sai Maa Diksha
  • Energy Worker:  I clear negative energy from places and also coordinate with the Guides of Compassionate Healing for assessments, removals of parasitic auric attachments, and install the golden mesh of protection to prevent future parasitic attachments.
  • Lightworker Task: 'To Show The Dying How Close They Are To God' I have done this actively since being a volunteer at Oakland Children's Hospital ER. I bring joy to people in distress, consciously wanting to bring a smile to their face in time of trouble, hoping to lessen the burden on their heart. For example, my grandmother is slowly dying from malnutrition at end-stage Alzheimer's; she can't swallow, she chokes.  She smiles with delight when she sees me, and asks for kisses by pursing her lips. She does not know me as her Gioia (my nickname from her), but I still bring her great joy as I have ever since I was a baby. I also show YOU how death is 'not what it's cracked up to be' by sharing the chapters from my book, 'Messages From My Patients' online.
  • Lightworker Assignment:  The New Normal I am to model for you in every way what lies ahead in your future as your vibrations increase in frequency: clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance, clairsentience, intuition, connection to Source, mediumship, connection to Gaia, 'oneness' with your fellow beings, and the ability to work as a team with the Galactics.
  • Planetary Healer: I am on the  group of workers who are committed to the unity of all healing modalities. Currently I am working with a small-scale 'City of Light'--not sure if the owners know what I am up to, but I think they have a hint--but it is a full-time project. I am making the presence of Allopathic Medicine known and accepted by the Raw-Vegan community (I turn the other cheek at talks where the invited speaker 'slams' medicine. Does anyone ever stop to question that in their training M.D.'s are taught a pack of lies and duped? No. Everyone wants to think they are 'smarter' than the person who aced the curve in college and got in! So I let them, and open my heart even further to permit them the 'waking up' when it is right for these 'green fabulous people' who are Lightworkers in their own right). I also am being accepted as a Reiki Doctor in my own O.R. I am going to train others and attune them as interest is being shown.
  • Planetary Healer Organization Member: Here is a link to the group. are over one hundred of us already, and this group began four days ago. In May I am due to meet with this committee face-to-face at conference. Look under the Facebook group Planetary Healers to join. There are also links on the Cobra blog, on the Thursday, March 21,2103 post.
  • Channel of the Goddess Energy:  this is my most exciting role in the Ascension Process. The sequence of 'something' in my Consciousness began about two weeks ago. 'Goddess Up' is the code name for this project. My soul is on auto-pilot, and I am consciously observing the rapid changes that are taking place in my person. I am a conduit for this Healing Light, and somehow was 'built for it'. I feel like I am 'coming online' energetically, and my duty will be explained further 'once I finish waking up 100%'. Sometimes I like to think I am going to be glowing or looking 'different' in some way, so that people can look at me, not be afraid, and undergo the same transformation themselves without fear. It does not hurt, and the process is like having braces--you know something is going on with your teeth, and can tell when they crank them tighter, but in the end you will have those braces off and a beautiful smile.
That is MORE than enough for today.

I love you. Each and every one of you that ever reads this.

In the Higher Dimensions, Love is what unites us. We are ALL children from the same Source. I see the Divine Spark in you, and how you have so cleverly arranged it into your entire persona you have created for yourself. I adore it! I look past the minor imperfections, for example 'crooked teeth', and admire how the megawattage of LIGHT can pour out through your smile, in spite of those teeth, and rejoice in your power to co-create this example for me that 'Love is stronger than crooked teeth'. I see in my practice at work 'Love is stronger than Cancer' and with my nana Angelina, 'Love is stronger than Alzheimer's and advanced age'. Yes, does this make sense? All of you are demonstrating to me, just by being YOU, how the majesty and wonder of God's Light CANNOT be extinguished, no matter what, even here on this Duality that used to be present on Gaia.


Love and Light and Blessed Be,