Sunday, March 3, 2013

Messages From My Patients: Chapter 32

July 28, 2008
J.R. drowned at age four, classmate of my son at Preschool.
I want you to tell my mother I am proud of her for talking to me about God. That’s how I got here. I saw the Pearly Gates shining (whatever they were) and I walked towards them. Grandpa was here, and everyone else to welcome me. They all took me to Jesus. I love my mommy very very very much. I miss her like she does me. I am crying in my heart—there are tears in heaven---when those you love have trouble. I’ll try my best to help her with her sorrow.
When you go to heaven it is different from what you think. It is like Miss Nonnies’ class where everyone is welcome in the spirit. It is like Miss Deanna’s class where everyone is of the light—they are bathed in it. It is like my home where the love runs strong. It is all of them. And everyone talks to you, very gently (because I am so young). I am happy. I am happy to be with Jesus and in heaven (lays his hand on my arm and looks at me). And I understand your pain—that your baby goes away and might never come back from a weekend with his father. That is never going to happen. My dad did lots and lots of drugs. That’s why mama left him. It was hurting me. And then it led to this. (ed - J. R. drowned in his father's pool).
I saw that you were working on my family (praying for them). I love you. That’s why I came to have a chat.
Everything will happen for the best. I was there when you came to be a doctor for our class. I was one of the older kids that talked to you. I was happy…you let me wear something and listened to my heart. (ed - I had brought hats, masks, gloves and a pulse ox. I passed around stethoscopes and taught the children how to listen to their lungs and hearts.)
Everything happens for the best. You will be married. Your son will have a father and be very proud of him….your heart is a beautiful flame to another. Always remember this. God is good. God has everything under control. God wants all of us to have His peace. Everything will happen for the miracle of you.