Wednesday, March 27, 2013

With A Flick Of My Tail

Today I woke up before my alarm with a flick of my tail. I was underwater, flicked my strong tail, felt it move, and swam ahead real fast. My position and the lighting were just like this, but there was no dolphin.

Then it was gone.

Today I am going to share about the mermaid dreams I have had since I was seven. They always make me feel like this: happy, light, and carefree.

7 and 27 are my favorite numbers <3

In my mermaid dreams, I could breathe under water and above water, just the same. There was a society of mermaids that lived in a 'bubble city' under the ocean. I could go to it, turn into a person and be able to walk, and leave it at any time with my tail. It looked very much like the bubbles in Star Wars where Jar-Jar Binks (I know he is annoying, sorry, I could not think of a better example). So we looked like we do now, except with big tails like in the photo of the mermaid with the dolphin.

My true love would find me. Yes, at seven I started dreaming this! And when we would 'reconnect' for the first time, it felt like this:

It was a much stronger 'connection' than anything I have ever felt on earth. My thoughts drift to this often, and have for my entire life. 

Am I a mermaid princess? I don't know. I have the feelings and the dreams my whole life. I have the inexorable pull to the water. I can't explain it. I had a mermaid antique tin poster on the wall throughout applying to and going through medical school and residency. She was from a box of soap, and her energy was 'right' to support me through my work. I also have a very small mermaid figure, with a pink sparkly tail and white feathers for hair. She told me her name is Irianna. I don't understand how it works, but she has been a guide and companion ever since that time, too. She watches over me in my room. She is like, maybe two inches long and one inch tall. But her energy really 'connects'. I think the figurine is like a 'focus point' between myself and Irianna's energy in another place.

Mermaids are healers. That is all I need to say about that.

Spirit reminds me of my Tiffany Stained Glass Mermaid Reproduction. I had it all through fellowship. For some reason, my heart surgeon back at my residency place, and the one I chose to work with after fellowship, looked like the fish depicted in the stained glass. I found the image oddly comforting in our working together, and would draw on the image of peaceful energy of healing whenever he would lose his temper in the O.R., and that was often! Ah! Here it is--isn't the internet wonderful?

Here is one last image to share:

Spirit is wanting me to let you know that in the time of Atlantis, powerful fourth-dimensional 'magicians' experimented a lot with DNA. These types of creatures were from their lab. It really happened, all of the crazy Egyptian characters (my favorite right now is Hathor, Cow head and female body), all of the griffins and mermaids and centaurs, and pegasus, and unicorns. Even our own DNA has been altered from what we once were.  As Atlantis was destroyed, all of Gaia 'fell' down to the third-dimension. Gaia now is fifth-dimension (the fourth dimension blew up, it does not exist vibrationally, I understand, but could be mistaken. 4D is a little confusing--it exists for those who are on Gaia, but not for her?). All of her inhabitants range from 3D to 5D and higher right now. Twenty five percent are at the 5D and higher level of Vibration. All of Nature is high 4D to 5D now. That is why it is recommended to 'stay out of crowds' which are 3D and 'go into Nature' which is 5D when you are serious about committing to your own Spiritual Path.

Aloha nui loa, and Mahalo!

Reiki Doc