Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My Assignment

This is an important symbol from my heritage in Sicily

I made it.
You know what I mean, if you understand about the Higher Dimensions and what has been happening.

I knew it several months ago. I was told by Spirit that my son had made it, too. 

Today I am going to share with you some intel on what I know about myself, about my Consciousness self, and what it has learned across the many countless lives that it has lived on Gaia. I will talk about my latest assignment, as well. I am going to keep it short, and to the point.

My soul is a pleasure model. I am made for the executive. That is my origin. I have known this for over twenty years. I do not know anything more than that about my soul 'make and model', unfortunately.

I can recall my Twin Flame talking me into 'coming back one more time' to Earth. I did not want to go. I was 'finished' with my cycle of reincarnation, with my samsara. But he is a good talker, and here I am.

I have full memory of some but not all lives. People like Edgar Cayce and Gladys Davis were like that too. Some of you might be like this. 

Here are the past lives I know, laid out side by side like a Tarot reading:
  • Dying in Atlantis:  I saw the waves of water and the fire, and drowning in the disaster.
  • Tabitha, the Jewish Slave. Gamaliel, my husband, was my Twin Flame. He was very into 'politics' and 'mystic groups'. I believe he was an Essene. We were in Bethlehem. I could not conceive. He could have divorced me for not being able to bear him children; he was a good man and kept his vow to me.  Gamaliel would disappear at night, and I would worry about him. You know the story Casablanca? He was a Victor Laszlo.  One night he said he had a surprise for me. He took me to the nativity. I helped her to give birth. I also made her laugh. (I was very talkative!) For some reason, Gamaliel and I got chased down an alley by people who did not like the politics he did. He died. I lived a fate worse than death. First of all, I could not bury him, which was important in our faith. Then I was a widow--I was terribly abused in order to keep a roof over my head and have food in my belly. I was so traumatized, I lost my voice, and never again was able to speak.
  • White Bird Dove, the Native American. This one is fuzzy. Mom knew my name. That's it.
  • Daughter of Chief, in Victoria BC.  My son now was my best friend's kid in this life. He said he came back to me because he always thought I was nice (yes, a five-year old said this!) I had a chip on my shoulder because women could not be included in the education, much like in the movie, The Whale Rider. My father and I were close, I knew he trusted me. But he had to toe the line. In child birth I had a terrible hemorrhage and father's quick thinking saved my life. Unfortunately I was barren again.
  • Princess in Old Hawaii, Daughter of Kamehameha. The favorite daughter from his favorite wife. I judged him for his war activities. I wanted to be educated, like in BC. I was not. I was cloistered until marrying age for politics. This was not a happy life.
  • Lorraine, in France. My grandfather, nannu Filippo, was my husband. The farm owner's wife made a pass at him. He refused. She told the husband he tried to rape her. He believed her, not him. He was shot at close range with a shotgun and died, an honest man. She broke every one of my fingers to keep me quiet. I never said anything, but my eyes said I knew. And that was enough for her to cripple me forever.
  • William, in Civil War. This one I learned in Kevin Todesci's Akashic Records class. No wonder why dad and I were so close! We were brothers in battle. We also looted and plundered too much. I racked up some major karma here.
  • Emma Houle, in Quebec. My grandmother's mother. I had MANY kids. About six, I believe. I died shortly after childbirth because I had tuberculosis. Not a good 'learning' life.
  • 'The Kitten', somewhere I believe in the Los Angeles Area. I was a Monarch Mind Controlled slave. You can look that one up in the search box if you are interested. It was a short life.
  • Me, in Southern Californa.  I got to pay a lot of karma back. Let us just say I am a survivor, and the name 'womanly sorrow' fits. On the good side, I have become in a position to get an education and to heal others. It has not been a bad life. I think my life keeps improving by leaps and bounds. The one thing for certain is I 'grow' at such a rapid pace, I feel like my soul has lived more than one life! It is slowing down, this growth spurt. I 'sense' it.
You will one day be able to review your life, too. Take a look at the Akhashic Records, or perhaps just 'know' like I do.

My assignment is Higher Dimensional, and part of it to be an example for all of you, how to be human and multi-dimensional at the same time. <3.

I have word problems trying to select the right word to describe this assignment. Here is the 'jist':
  • Gamaliel is coming back. It was promised. I asked, back when I was told this in the early nineties, to make it as fun as possible and to keep 'who' it was a surprise from me. Otherwise, it would be awkward, and possibly feel 'forced'. Spirit granted my request.  Consequently, I have a block placed so that I do not recognize his soul in any way until it is time: I could be standing right next to him, with all my psychic gifts, and still not 'know'.
  • Our 'matchmaker' is Blessed Mother. Today she took me shopping to buy some new clothes. She has never done anything like this before. It feels like I am being 'prepared', and it is pleasant. I am directed by Her, and have to ask Her for her advice on what looks best or what I should pick. I am not 'into' shopping, and I appreciate Her help in this regard.
  • I am 'waking up' and discovering I have a sense of style all my own. I am rediscovering the Goddess energy that is in me. Medical school, my family of origin, and single motherhood nearly extinguished it.  When my fellow doctors see me out of my scrubs, I turn heads. They stammer. And they smile and rush to open the door for me. I enjoy this. Even though they are all married and paying off their seven ex-wives and I am in no way interested in any of them!, I appreciate being acknowledged for my feminine nature. My Divine Feminine is healing on a very deep level. It is like water in the desert.
  • Today I learned an important lesson: the two vials, for the sun and moon that I wear around my neck do not have to touch one another to make the magic flow between them.  As you may recall, one is masculine and the other feminine principle. Today is the first time I wore the silver outside my shirt for others to see. It wanted to be that way. But the copper one was inside, next to my heart. In Reiki II, we can send healing across space and time--the lesson for today is that like distance Reiki, Twin Flames who can 'connect' with each other in support and mutual understanding without saying a word, or even being in the same place or time. Today I felt 'his' energy from afar for the first time, as caring, support and love. Up until this time, I have experienced what I call 'John' but it was spotty and had no sense of purpose. 'John' is quieter and much more 'real', and I like him still very much.  This NEW energy is masculine and helpful and extremely pleasing to be near, kind of like 'John' on steroids. Again, I have no 'clue' although I like to 'guess' as it makes it more enjoyable that way.
  • I have a sense of joyful anticipation, but no sense of urgency. I thought I would, when 'it was time'. The vision of our being in Sirius together, back at home, took care of that. I can't explain how, but it just did.
I hope that I have shared so you can understand what is due to happen next as your reach the Higher Dimensions in your Vibration. It isn't so much a point of 'travel' as a 'state of mind'. It takes patience, trust, and gentleness to yourself to 'come out of your shell'. The first steps that we take in the Higher Dimensions will be those to address whatever we 'picked up' along the way. Just like when the astronauts return to earth after three days in flight, they have a full medical check up. Just like when a lost hiker is 'found', they go straight to medical care. My soul is being 'rescusitated' for the Goddess Energy that was drained from it. My assignment is to live in this powerful healing energy, twenty-four/seven, wherever I go and whatever I do, and to keep preparing myself, until the time is right.

The same will happen to you. I know it. And you will be happy, with a joy that shines from within, just like I am right this minute now.

It has also been a joy to share all of this with you. I have full confidence in your abilities to awaken and adjust to 'come what may' in the Higher Dimensions.


Reiki Doc