Saturday, March 9, 2013

Good Morning!

I am in bed 14 in PACU. I just spent the night because I was too sleepy to drive home at two a.m. I asked for permission from the nurses as they locked up after our last case went to ICU. They gave me big hugs and kisses good night and made sure I would be safe.

I had done anesthesia with very little breaks for eighteen hours. My patients were wonderful and I enjoyed working with them. I learn so much from them! My favorite was the one who spoke only Spanish, who was scheduled for some big surgery. In PreOp he said, 'Let's get on with it! Let's DO THIS operation!' I was like, 'Okay!' When I start a big case, I get on a roll. There is more for me to do and I make my way through it as efficiently as possible. The surgeon was please we were ready to cut thirty minutes after getting the patient into the room. Our patient's attitude really helped.

As I am here on this uncomfortable bed, under a pile of warm blankets I had taken from the warmer between OR 1 and OR 2, I am smiling. I have three big reasons to smile:

  1. My body wakes itself up at four-thirty. Even after two hours sleep. Bodies and like that... ; )
  2. The night crew asked me if I see any ghosts in the OR. I said only the charge nurses mom. They were surprised. They wanted to know more! They asked, 'what are chakras?' And I taught them in that brief precious time after the surgeon walks out of the room and the patient wakes up. I used my necklace and measured the heart chakra on our patient. It swung as if imbalanced. I said, 'I am not sure if you can just balance one' as I cleansed and balanced this chakra. I held the pendulum over it again and it helicoptered! This is a fast circle swing seen in perfect chakra energy.The room went 'whoa!'. They are interested in my classes now too. One was frustrated why he couldn't meditate. He thinks of things all the time. I smiled and said, 'You don't have to twist into lotus and say om! Do something you enjoy. A hobby, a crossword puzzle, go in Nature. When you are absorbed in something, You ARE meditating! It is as simple as that...' Wow. I think I am going to have to start hosting vegan catered lunches here for my crew! They are ready for it!
  3. You know, my tummy was empty when I went to sleep. It rumbled but I was too sleepy to do anything about it. Guess what I found by the water dispenser? A big box of donuts. There was one plain one, glazed. Even though it was way too sugary, my stomach is full enough so I can rest. Let's see when I wake up next. Ahhhhhhhh. So much gratitude for a place to sleep that is warm and not my car that is freezing cold in the parking lot. Anesthesia only has one call room at the hospital. Our OB one is in it. More on that place next time!
Namaste, namaste, namaste,

Reiki Doc