Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Messages From My Patients: Chapter 34

September 5, 2008
Mr. R.
You are going to have a father for your baby.
Thank you for taking care of me the day before I died. I knew I was really sick. For most of the operation I was watching you, wondering what you were doing, floating above and wondering why everyone was so focused on the computer while I was dying (the new computer anesthesia record).
It looked like you knew what you were doing. I was blessed to have your help on this. I needed a little more time on Earth, I found it. You don’t know what it was I saw inside of you: a happiness I never thought could happen. It is shining, mi'ija. Let it out. Let this joy from the sky encompass everything that you do. Just like Mother Teresa. That is how you will ‘land your husband.’ By not trying and being yourself.
D is a good man, but very unhappy. When you talk to him, be careful to understand his face, his thoughts, and his body language. Then you will understand the calling of the night: men are simple. When they are interested in you they want nothing more. No motives, no stress. Let it happen. Not by ‘being yourself’ but by ‘being what God has given’. You are more than an individual. You have a purpose and  a place just like Mother Teresa. Let God have use of it.
You were just lovely in your teaching yesterday, just perfect. D sorely missed it, calling on your lesson. I saw him when he worked on me—trying very much in earnest to gain the approval of his father the cardiac anesthesiologist. That’s why your evaluation of him from you meant so much to him.
What God has given, there is not anything that could be taken away.
I saw my life was at its ending. I had a good time with it. I was ready. I will cross with roses for you from the other side from time to time. Thou art beautiful. I want you to remember this. Thank you for helping me. A.R. died 9-4-08
(ed - D was a coworker that had an attraction to me at the time. He was my graduate student. I was feeling 'something' back but I was not sure how to conduct myself, and Mr. R 'picked up on it' with 'guidance' for me. Things did not go well with D. However, last October, by some twist of fate, we ended up on the same flight to Kona from Honolulu. By an even stranger twist of fate, he was there with his new fiancee. Although it hurt to see him across the gate with his woman, I avoided him. However, on this flight it was the first time I flew first class. They had to walk by me on the aisle to get their seats. D was cordial, and made the introductions. Throughout the conference, I could see them together, and I could 'see for the first time' the truth Mr. R was trying to get through to me four years and one month earlier. D WAS unhappy. And he sat next to his father at every lecture, seeking approval. And when D came up to me on the beach to say hello, he had a drink in his hand and smelled strongly of ETOH. That is not the kind of man I would be interested in, not then, not now. And I understood at last my heart breaking at that time that Mr. R chose to contact me, was for my safety and my health of my heart for today. Spirit works like this. It is important to trust and count on your angels when it comes to matters of the heart. They see a higher perspective! I have  been happy, and complete since 2008, just being what I 'signed up to do' for the Light. Anything more is just frosting on the cake. : )   )


  1. I have stumbled upon your blog on one of my 3am rituals of not sleeping. I have recently found out that my friend has cancer.He just went through surgery to b remove some and is now about to embark and radiation. He is and has been my best friend for over 30 yrs, I understand we were married in a past life! Go figure, lol. He's been my rock, he's a fabulous person, is newly engaged , and ladt but definately not lesst hilarious! and I am getting ready to fly to see him and I am looking for everything at all costs to try to help heal him. I watched and cared for my mother as she fought and lost her battle with cancer! I Do NOT WANT this hard road for my friend! That being ssid, I have recently came up on your blog, LOVE IT , btw! and I'm looking for ways to try to heal him from my end! 2 questions, does he have to believe in it to receive it and do I need his permission to help him? I would appreciate it if I could get some feedback on this most lufe altering matter! Thank you so much for your blog! Im enjoying it,loving it every minute of it, especially chapters in the Ebook! Thank you for your help with this matter. I believe I am about to embark on my healing journey! Would appreciate your help/ feedback, if and when you can find the time! Nameste

    1. The codes work for all with the combination of the healer's heart energy and that of Divine Mother and Archangel Raphael. No Reiki training is needed. Are you an energy worker? If you are, you will notice when Reiki-type energy is rejected by the patient, and just 'does not go in'. In this situation, simply redirect it to the person's guardian angel. And no, as long as there is permission on a soul level, no discussion between you and him needs to take place. You can put the numbers on his photo with your finger. It helps to practice, because for those not experienced in energy healing this is a new venture.

      The other thing is to accept that what is in his life contract IS in his life contract and that is for the Highest Good. I don't know about your mom's life contract, or his, but many conditions that ARE in the life contract won't respond to healing efforts of any type. It's still worth trying, to make the patient comfortable, but that's how it works.