Friday, March 22, 2013

Divine Play : )))

Today I call upon both my Sirian ties, and my knowledge as a healer, both in the allopathic medicine and energy healing arts, to discuss an important topic: Divine Play.

Look at this picture of a father playing with his daughter.

How do I know it is his daughter and not his son? I know. I always can tell. Everyone has a vibration, and in this picture, the tie is a strong one as manifests in the father-daughter bond. It is more than 'wrapped around his finger'. It is eternal. For the mother and the son, the bonding is the same.

We are mammals. When we are young, with developing minds, we learn by play.  We play with our children. Children play with each other. The learning is effortless. I should know. As an Associate Professor I had to give many lectures. I found that by breaking up a topic into 'chunks' that last no more than fifteen minutes, giving a laugh--a comic, a joke, a picture, something to 'break' the subject--my audience would have stronger attention for the next fifteen minute 'chunk'. I have to say, giving a lecture to sleep-deprived residents in anesthesia who are falling asleep in spite of themselves is not an easy task. That was my formula--learn--play--learn--play---learn--ask questions and the one hour obligation of lecture time was filled!

If you heal by doing something you enjoy, imagine what takes place when you are truly delighted? Your vibration goes UP. Way UP. And you discover within yourself the limitless power to create.

It is your birthright, this power to create.

Well how about my Sirian heritage? Well, guess who also comes from 'the family'? The souls that are in dolphins! Every be near a pod of playing dolphins? It is a RUSH. There is a place in Dana Point, actually, two of them, Dana Wharf Sportfishing and Whale Watching, and Captain Dave Anderson's Dolphin Safari. If you are ever in the Southern California region on vacation or business, know that we are to dolphins like the African savannah is to lions, zebras, and giraffes.  We are a mecca! You go on the boat, and look in the air. When there are a bunch of birds flying in a vortex, that is because they are feeding on the fish that are trying to escape the dolphins that are hunting them. I have seen three thousand dolphin at one time; this is called a 'super pod'. You hear them squeak in echolocation and communication you are that close. They swim right under the boat. And you get a rush of joy just to be near them. Dolphins are all about balance. They live between the sea and the air to survive. Their brains are bigger than ours, and possibly are more intelligent than humans. Guess what? Dolphins know how to play! They also know how to work together, and to help others who are in distress.

Dolphins discipline, though. They rake their teeth on each other. You will see lots of little scratches. A rare Risso dolphin will start out grey as a calf, but ends up practically white as an adult from the many scratches that heal and scar. They are a beautiful shade of turquoise when they come up to the surface, from the water over them and the white of their body. Risso's are rare and very very shy. If you see them, you are fortunate.

When is the last time you played? Just really let go and did something fun?

For example, I just had a fantastic lunch with friends who are visiting from Hawaii and leaving soon. We enjoyed each other's company very much. At work the whole team laughed hard for both of our cases, starting with the surgeon in pre-op holding telling me to keep the patient 'out' because she is afraid of 'waking up'. Without missing a beat I said, right in front of her and her husband, 'I have to keep her asleep so she won't have to listen to your jokes. I have to, but she doesn't.'  All three cracked up, relaxed, and the energy was light. That is NOT easy to do when the surgery is palliative only and not for cure. This is my gift to society with my work: premeditated compassion. I am also guilty of lying in wait to spring compassion on somebody. I go to great lengths to bring about the very best possible win-win for all parties involved. It is my play. It is my passion: to bring Light into the darkest of places, the only way I can, right with my heart center, my intelligence, and my skill at what I do.

So this weekend, try something different. Dance naked. Go barefoot outside in the grass. Watch people being themselves and love them for it. Learn something new--for example, I am a 'funny golfer'--my skills are not good, but I enjoy the sun so much and the outdoors, I laugh at myself and have a good time any how.

Life in 5D is one of joyful co-creation. There is no stress. There is no being wrong. There is plenty of active connection to Spirit.

Today, I was asked if I am going to attend a Raw Vegan event tonight, a talk for 'Crazy Busy People and how to live the Raw lifestyle'.  By the person who sponsored it and planned it! I said, 'no, my kid has a school play. I am sorry.'.

No sooner than I got to the car, I got the call--the play is CANCELLED! The star actress has a fever of 102.5F.  There is no understudy. So guess what? Like my daddy said in his message to me from 'beyond'-- ten days after he passed: life is like a movie. Things can change in an instant. Just go with it.

And I will. Guess who is going to the meeting? Moi! Looks like Spirit for some reason thinks it is important for me to go. I look forward to discovering 'why'--and more than just blog fodder, I am certain!

Aloha and Namaste,

Reiki Doc