Thursday, March 28, 2013

Messages From My Patients: Chapter 58

November 8, 2009
MJ:   You don’t have to worry. God is going to take care of you. God is going to have somebody in love with you HIS WHOLE LIFE…you shall be A ¨PRINCESS” just like my daughter was for me. Only holier. And Light.
Everything happens for the best. Just like in my life God was to me. I had lots of talent. Lots and lots and lots of it. I didn’t appreciate it very much, although I know I had it.
God is AMAZING, isn’t it? You will have LOVE, and JOY, and HAPPINESS by November 29.
I love you,
Brother Michael of the Jackson 5.

P.S. On Satuday, March 9, 2013,  Yogi Bill, our yoga teacher, played Michael for us to dance to in class. He 'came through' to me as I danced. It was fun. I asked him to 'stick around' for it was a big weekend at the yoga place. It was 'going to be busy, packed' according to my friend who owns it. That is why I went instead of her to the Natural Products Expo. Michael said, 'Yes! I will!' He lent his expertise on Spirit Side to make everything 'pull off' 100% incredible for my friend at her place. That was my secret blessing I had arranged 'behind the scenes'. I never told a soul nor wrote it down before this here right now in my sharing with you. I am so glad I get to do what I do! Being a Lightworker is the best. : )))