Saturday, March 23, 2013


Today for the first time, I got to see Home. My home! The home I sacrificed to leave so I could be here and 'do my thing'. I know exactly what I am here to do. Only I am not saying, not now, just yet.

I was in my weekly yoga class, settling in with a deep stretch. Up in my third-eye view I saw someone waving at me from a control panel through a window. This smiling person was standing behind a row of working galactics at the helm. They wanted me to see them, and I know exactly who this person is, but I am not sharing because it is not part of the story. What I felt from him is that he was very excited to be in there, and wanted me to know.

I was like, 'you are hanging out with MY peeps. Cool!' And went back to Yoga.

At the end, in the relaxation, I must have had a good class--I saw the gateway to Sirus and I took it! I went there before in psychic development circle.  There is a particular shape to it. Once in, I saw the surface, which is kind of like the colors of a Big Stick Popsicle. Someone greeted me. It was Erik, my Reiki III guide. He touched my elbow, and brought me under the surface of the planet.

It was BEAUTIFUL! A big blue sky and iridescent sparkly land and sea.  I saw dolphins and we said 'hello'. They talk and I understand them. I couldn't believe how different and beautiful and exciting it was before my eyes!

Erik took me to another. It was my friend! Here I was all convinced that I was the Ambassador on Gaia for him, and lo and behold, He was on Sirius to guide ME!

I saw who he was exactly, and connected to Ross in some way I can't explain. I briefly saw my kids, and Ross in their true form, but next It was just me and my guide, I was in my own home. The one I had left. It was modern styling, with a lot of white and paint or carpet, and elegant simple furniture with clean lines. My friend smiled when I was excited to learn we had a water view!

My joy increased beyond understanding. I was home, my home, and I fell to my knees and started crying. I could sense that people were monitoring me from afar, looking for my reaction. My friend stepped in, helped me up, and helped me to understand that this was perfectly natural. I was accepted and loved. It would be a short time before I would adapt. In the meantime, he had something special to surprise me.

I liked my surprise very much. It is difficult to put into words, the happiness I felt. This joy was very welcome.

Soon the tingsha bells were rung. I had to return to my present life. However, out there, up on Sirius, are two very happy souls who are reunited again. In my mind's eye, I leave them there, and look forward to more time to experience that Light and Home directly.

At Whole Foods, where I bought lunch so I could type this, I saw these words on a tee shirt--the dark ages are over.

Yes indeed!

Namaste and Blessings from my happy heart to you,

Reiki Doc