Sunday, March 3, 2013

Messages From My Patients: Chapter 33

August 31, 2008
I am the one who died on June 23, 2008. After your heart case. The “I am going to Valhalla!” guy.
I saw you in the hall reaching out to me (awake, aware and listening, not like the others). I didn’t care.
Everything connects. Everything is really connected. From now to past, from heart to heart, love also into the future. Everything is a powerful system of checks and balances. That is God in a common sense. “What God can grant together.” Is a powerful series of checks and balances focused on the best of all possible outcomes.
God told me this when I died. I asked of Him, “What in the name of heaven?!?” when I saw the Pearly Gates. How it worked, and why I was there at them? (My mommy prayed. A lot. For all of us. Thanks mom!)
Everything happens for the best. You are fully aware of this. Not most people are. I was proud and I was great. None of that really mattered once I crossed. But I was humble-that counted for  a lot of how I got this place (and Mom’s praying).
You are humble in the spirit. That is a beautiful thing to watch. I saw you in the pool with your little son, all of your focus on his safety and his pleasure. God will bring to you a happy little miracle—a daughter—in the spirit hope and light (not your body). And a little jewel from heaven. (me: are you talking of a golden retriever?)
I saw it when I crossed-a radiant light-coming from you. A little happiness. Not like the person I saw you were on that day outside OR 7 when I died I was allowed to ‘connect’ with at that time.
You will be happy for all of your days.
I died. I’ll be coming back. Some other time. To you. Because I wanted to. Because I can.
Bye Bye,
Your friend in Heaven,
Trauma ‘John Doe’ Blazin’ Light