Sunday, March 3, 2013

Find Your Past Lives 101

Have you ever been to the Magic Kingdom? At any of the parks this will work. My park is the original one in Southern California, upon which I will base this simple fact you might have overlooked:

  • The areas of the park you like best are LIKELY reminders of places you have lived in past lives!
For example, one of my favorite areas to eat was the Tahitian Terrace. It was a bamboo Hawaiian restaurant right next to the Tiki Room. (it has since been converted to Aladdin's show venue, but I was in the Tiki Room yesterday and I still love it! : )  )  At Tahitian Terrace a typical meal would be teriyaki chicken with rice, vegetable, and pineapple juice. There was a show with Hawaiian dancers. The entire feel was very tropical, and authentic.

I could 'relax' there, and feel a deep connection that I did not have in my home or any other place. 

Sure enough, just last year I find out about my Hawaiian life, maybe almost two hundred years ago. It was a big one. No wonder why it had been wanting to be discovered again. No wonder why my Reiki Master Guide is Kamehameha. And in my Spirit work, he is right there, just like always, to assist.

Another place that I connect so much that when I went with friends I would let them go and just spend hours alone is New Orleans Square. When I was growing up, it was not the same. It was better. It had Lafitte's Silver Shop--with super expensive antique silver you couldn't buy anywhere else. There was a crystal shop, complete with a glass blower you could watch. There was some beautiful, expensive colored cut crystal in the windowsills. When the light hit it, the room was more dazzling than inside a church because the light 'danced'. I made friends with the perfumer, who really did make blends 'just for you'. There was the art of perfumery, not the art of buying designer fragrance! What is still in the corner is the Mint Julep Stand that I have always enjoyed. The drinks are non-alcoholic, sort of a minty-lime. They come with a maraschino cherry in them. Mine was stronger yesterday, like they were getting too syrupy in the fountain dispensing it. And the beignets improved from some greasy round things with a cream sauce and a raspberry sauce (they were like hushpuppies, to me, but sweet), to genuine Mickey-shaped beignets. It wasn't Cafe Du Monde--oh for some chicory coffee!--but we ate six by ourselves. 

I experience the same deep connection with the genuine New Orleans as much as I do the one at Disney. Although the exact connection hasn't 'hit me yet' from my past, when I was there in October 2009 for conference, I discovered Marie Laveau. Who she was, and how she played an important stabilizing role in her community. I love her. She is not what you think. She is good. She had a difficult hand to play in life, and she played it well. She was a free --um, I can't think of the word--but not a slave. She helped a LOT of people to survive. 

Last night, as I rode up to the top of Space Mountain, I had three insights:
  1. Those awful B movies about space were on purpose to get us not to take it seriously--except for the invading earth part which is a total falsehood designed to KEEP us disinterested in Galactics.
  2. On some level, some how, I am a part of Galactic, but I can't recall what.
  3. My job I have with my space family (all of us have them now!--Don't giggle! ; )  ) is way cool.
And on the ride down? I felt sheer bliss! I love the music that they play on the ride. If it wasn't for the long line I would ride it all day. <3

So here is the advice to you: next time you go to a theme park like the one I know and love in Southern California, watch for 'connections' your you heart of will notice that you will 'like' it. You will be taking the first steps to discovering yourself. The YOU who has walked Gaia countless times as a soul wearing many incarnations.

Then, lie down on it. Don't sleep. Just allow yourself the time to 'recollect'. You will 'sense' when you are discovering 'more truth' about your heart and what it has learned across the ages. This is true for all of us. But only if you take a little time to disengage from 'Reality' and discover 'what really IS'.

Love and Light and Namaste,

Reiki Doc