Saturday, March 30, 2013

Yoga Class Flashback 2

I just finished yoga. During leg rest on wall pose, Yogi Bill rubbed my neck. It was sore. As he pressed and I breathed out the tension, pictures flashed before my eyes. They were from this week at work. I saw the time the breathing tube came out after the surgeon moved the patient, and my urgently putting it back in. (There were no complications of course because I was vigilant.) There were three cases where the breathing tube was difficult to insert due to severe sleep apnea, and I had to struggle to get the tube to go into the glottis, which is the medical term for the opening between the vocal cords. I could see it, but I couldn't get the tube to 'turn the corner' and go in. It took all my strength in my left hand to lift the laryngoscope (Glide Scope) up to open the airway, and it was stressful.  There was the one who had a desaturation that dropped low before the tube even went in. I had to pull it out and do a difficult mask ventilation to get the sats back up in a hurry. I saw myself hanging on to the mask with both hands to get a good seal and instructing the nurse how to squeeze hard on the green bag to blow oxygen in. Every one of my patients this week did fantastic. I just had not realized how I was walking around with stress from my work in my shoulders and neck.

I also had a very special svassina. The jist of it is: I want you to know you are loved, you are wanted and accepted unconditionally, and all that is required is simply Be Yourself.


Reiki Doc