Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Messages From My Patients: Chapter 48

May 7, 2009
God has a miracle for you.
God has a miracle for you that is from Jesus. Something wildly loving. And right. You shall have your days in the O.R., not all of them spent. And your nights shall be heavenly. Not like in the garden tonight with your boy (joyful task and company) but LOVE shall overwhelm you.
Everything happens for the loveliest of reasons (Holds my face in her hand)
I PROMISE. I PROMISE. God will make a MIRACLE from Heaven. Oh daughter you are wildly blessed (toys my silver Tiffany key on my neck) You can count on it.
God has married you.
(ed - just over one week before, I was given sixty day's notice that my contract as an Associate Professor of Anesthesia was not to be renewed by my department. I worked part-time, but had full-time benefits. There were six of us like that, and because the economy was starting to tank, all six of us were let go. On the same day. One after another in the office of the Chair. In one fell swoop, I had to clear out my office, turn in my badge and keys, and empty my locker in the O.R. As a single mother who was responsible for supporting my family, I was devastated beyond belief. I was in shock. And I couldn't shake it. My father was dying of lung disease and on palliative care. I had really wanted to take time off work called 'family leave' to be with him and say our goodbyes. Now I had to go look for work before the severance pay ran out. And I had to say goodbye to my work 'family' in the O.R. I had known since I started residency more than a decade ago. My heart was frantic, and filled with terror, all day and night. It was unrelenting.  The Tiffany Key was silver, I had bought it, but the chain I had wanted, a ball chain like on a dog-tag for the military, was on backorder. I knew I had to return that chain once it came in the mail, in order to save money, and I was very sad. The only thing that helped at the time was my history of growing up in poverty. I was not afraid to be poor. I knew the drill.)

Reiki Doc
P.S. I am still single...LOL...such is the case with prophecies.