Monday, March 18, 2013

Messages From My Patients: Chapter 47

April 11, 2009
Nick Adenhart.:   You are beautiful.
An angel is going to take care of you. Not me. Him. (Points to the baby in his room.) You don’t know what is going to happen from this child. From this child.
I died so that others can see the beauty of the miracle (Life).
Our God will have a miracle of justice. Not just with the coffee pot (Nanna’s espresso pot I got today) For J. He thinks he can smite the face of God…shhhh…shhhh (gestures with hand) God is going to crush it. (ed - Nick Adenhart makes a reference to my 'baby daddy')
C:   Our son will be okay?
Nick Adenhart. :   He will be happy. God wants you to take good care of it sweet joy will overwhelm you. (tousles my hair, sees my grown-out roots and gives it a kiss)
This is what I have to say:  I pitched my last pitch. What a great night I had. Your night is coming/about to arrive. God will marry you.
My pupils were fixed and dilated but my heart it kept on working. Not for the one that kept beating. My other heart. The one that is talking to you now. It is family that lights the path to holiness and Heaven wants for it to pass so merrily. God loves you. You are tired. Now rest.
NJA #34