Monday, March 25, 2013

I Am Addicted To Feeling Good

Welcome to the Fifth Dimension--and Higher!

Today we are going to discuss a trend I have been noticing both in myself and others when it comes to nutrition. That is why I made it the title!

Yesterday was the first day I was at a social function, a birthday party for a classmate from school. I had dropped off and gone 'to run an errand'--actually the errand was 'buy a present and card at the mall'. When I arrived later, everyone had eaten. I was watching mine and their friends playing air hockey (LOVE that game!), when the mother hosting the party offered to get me some pizza.

Is there cheese pizza? I don't eat meat.  I asked, much to her delight. A native from India, she has been a lifelong vegetarian. I asked, very delicately, something I very much wanted to know, what do you put in the children's lunches?

She smiled and shared, 'Lunches are hard. I usually put in pasta because at home we have rice and curry but he does not want to bring it to school'. I felt much better about the bean and cheese burritos I had been sending off to school with the lunches!

She wanted to know how long I had been vegetarian?

Not long ago. But I am feeling much better. I can't decide for my family, but for me, this is working out fine.

When she rattled off the list of foods her younger daughter would and would not eat, it sounded odd. I have been spending time in a vegan environment, and all of the milk products sort of surprised me...

I eat foods that raise my vibration as often as possible. That is why I am changing. I don't want things that make me 'feel yucky'.

What do the Alternative News Sources describe as a Galactic Diet? Lots of fruit juices that taste wonderful. No meat or animal-based products. Only a plant-based diet. And they hardly ever eat. Actual chewing/consumption of fruit is done more to be in union with Gaia (or whatever planet) than for the hunger that is driving us. But they do eat. And one of the funniest stories I have ever heard about this was Fred Bell, on board a ship, having to go to the bathroom. There was no toilet paper! He asked for help and was shown a button to push that will 'clean you off'. It was awkward and human both at the same time...

The quote in the title is from Chef Cherie Soria, who during a recent lecture was asked WHY she would eat a raw vegan diet for over twenty years--and said, 'I am addicted to feeling GOOD! I LIKE how this makes me feel'. She also has a Tribal Belief in her family for very poor health--cancer and diabetes and a cousin losing his limbs to poorly-controlled diabetes at a fairly young age. She looked to nutrition to keep herself healthier than her family of origin, and STAYED in this diet because of the way it makes her feel. 

Cherie and her husband, who used to have a sweet tooth, incidentally, are glowing with health. She looks much younger than her sixty-six years. However, she has fantastic cheekbones, and there is no question in my mind that she is going to age well in the face no matter what she ate. There also is the chance, although I doubt it, of 'a little work' although I saw no tell-tale signs of botox or injectables of collagen/hyaluronic acid in her face up close.  The part I kept watching was her middle (did she have kids???), her arms (very thin but not saggy), and her hands (able to move well and chop in the demonstration). I have worked with many plastic surgeons and would LOVE a chance to look for the tell tale scars, just because I can. But my overall impression was that this was the real deal, she had in fact, slowed the clock considerably, and her belief and passion in her lifestyle is the most curative thing of all.

For those of you who are wondering, I tried an energy 'read' on both of them. I couldn't. Not that it was blocked; it was like the phenokite at first--very high and outside my range of 'perception'. But WATCHING them speak? Their word choices, their gestures, their emotional 'connection' to us? One hundred percent Galactic. Those are some very old souls in those bodies, if you know what I am saying. Whether they KNOW who they are or not, I am not sure. But I was looking at the 'Lewis and Clark' Ground Crew who were like, recon and early settler getting the environment 'ready' for pioneer Ground Crew like me and you to do our 'thing' and 'connect to the general public'.

Just as a general comment, I wonder how long a raw vegan would last without a really nice blender? It is almost as if the work of chewing in the digestive process is taken care of by the blender in advance to enhance absorption of nutrients and the digestion. On second thought, Galactics probably (well I KNOW) have advanced technology for eating. Research something called 'a replicator'. Rumor has it that the Ark of the Covenant was actually a primitive one. I used to be sad I couldn't cook once the replicators came out--but they aren't here yet and I can relax over putting together a nice pot of soup like always...

Back to the addiction to feeling good: a very close friend of mine who had a daily intake of 'ganja' quit! Last I saw her, in late October, she had 'switched' to edibles, was proud of her 'habit' and was 'never going to change'. She knew I loved her unconditionally, and did not judge her, either way. I knew that it would limit her ability to access source (drugs and religion are both the same, there is a 'glass ceiling' of sorts when it comes to Spiritual development after the initial 'opening' is experienced. And both can lower the vibration--the first by direct chemical action and possibly association with others of low vibration. The second because they tell you what to think and how to feel and who to support financially. It is a partial truth of the Universe that is told  to get folks to follow organized religion, not the whole enchilada.)

One day, I was surprised. I thought, 'I am just done!' (with marijuana) my friend shared with me.

She looked wonderful. Her aura was sparkling. Her heart was open. And I was able to attune her to Reiki III.

We had met in Reiki I. I 'kept going' and she 'felt she had enough' at Reiki II. It felt so nice to help her on her way.

You know, when we photograph together, the energy is like we are sisters. Our souls have known each other for a long time. That is why I am going to miss her, and her wonderful family, so much now that they are back home after their long visit here. I got to see them twice and was so happy!


Reiki Doc