Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Just Like Pink Floyd

This is my Nana Peppina, she is my great grandmother. I never met her. She was in Sicily, and sent me presents. She once owned a bakery.

While she worked, her daughter Angelina raised her two brothers and sisters. She married to get out of the home. She was fifteen. My mother was born one year later.

Nana Angelina has Alzheimer's Disease. Although she went through a phase where she would argue Laura Bush was a Mexican, for the most part she has remained sweet.

I saw a picture of her, one I had taken on a visit last week. I go every Saturday. For the first time I saw suffering.

She has a fever today. I don't want to let her go.

But just like my gecko, Pink Floyd, it is time. He looked awful for weeks. Nothing I could do would make him enjoy his crickets again. He wasted away, and then died. I was terribly upset, and felt guilty, but was informed that it was 'his time'.

I have already spoken to Our Lady about Nana Angelina. I have Her Promise to take care of her as she transitions. I do that. I bug everyone in Spirit to take care of my loved one when it is is time. That helps me to accept. It still hurts, but I let it be known that I accept what is best for them at this awful time.

I hate goodbyes so much that's why I had to be a medium ! And even then I miss them all so much.

You cannot touch them, it feels like energy and is nice but it is not as solid and comforting as here.

The most important things on earth are hello and goodbye. Always take the time to make it a good one when you can. It is a good thing.

Reiki Doc