Friday, March 15, 2013

Messages From My Patients: Chapter 44

February 20, 2009
Yesterday in the OR with D and Dr. C, during a case, the spirit of the recent suicide from the Crystal Cathedral came to me. He was looking at me like he wanted to tell me something.

I was like, ‘How can I see you? You’re a suicide?( ed--they go 'quiet' and I can't 'hear' them, typically)” I asked, “Were you the one I gave money to at Taco Bell?
Then Aunt Edna came. “It’s going to be okay.” But I wasn’t supposed to talk to her, but I did say ‘I miss you!.”
Then I was interrupted.
Mr. Suicide:   you don’t know what is going to happen, do you?
C:   no. (He seemed happy for me, excited, but not able to share a secret) I don’t know why the suicide is reaching out to me….

A  Little Background Information:
…That night, after seeing Dr. L the eye doctor, my son and I climbed to the ‘tippy tippy top’ of the parking structure. I had the impulse to jump, I didn’t like it and dragged him to the elevator. It was STRONG and not me.
At 3:30 p.m. (6 hours after the death at the Crystal Cathedral, but before ever learning of it in the news), walking to a building  one block away from there I felt an urge to throw myself under a city bus. Again, it was odd, not like me.
Then I learned of the suicide in the sanctuary. He made a big ripple in the energy field and I felt it. I don’t understand any of it.

Back to the message from the spirit:
Mr. Suicide:   What I want to tell you is I am happy. I am okay. I was a suicide but there was a consequence—my spirit got to speak with you before, during and after. At 9:30 a.m. you were busy with your task (in the OR) I found a time that I could talk with you in spirit and I didn’t. I had to pull the trigger/make it right. About the mass, the people—when I died, I saw  --I thought of Jesus’ death and my dying was in vain because of it. In that last split-second on the planet I was saved. Was SAVED! And that is why I get to talk to you. It is never too late for gifts that come from heaven. Now you know EXACTLY what I am talking about.
It is never too late, Carla. It is never too late. I give you hope. Look at me. I had the faith. Enough to talk to it, and I got BLESSED because of it.
You are very highly BLESSED. By both the body and the spirit. Never be afraid. Not by tomorrow and your horrible case. Not by yesterday with D how he left and didn’t come back, not by the future.
You will have beauty, peace and happiness. Your comment about Gem “I love that dog. I want to spend an afternoon with him.” Melted D’s heart.  (More advice to me about D)
Everything happens in/with a miracle.
It is never too late. It is never too late. Carla you must promise me no matter what you think about my (gestures trigger to head/temple) that you will listen when I talk to you of LOVE. It is around the corner. It is very special. I promise. Sweetly happy. Just like a kiss so warm and tender.
Walter B. 2/18/2009