Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Feng Shui Veins

Last night as my friend was telling me about her home country of Singapore, little red flags started popping up. It is in a unique location for shipping. It is a Crown Colony and English is spoken. The entire economy is service-based. Even the drinking water has to be imported in. There is a great big airport...

I cut her off. I knew there were illuminati that built it and ran it. I shared my suspicions delicately with her.

Me:   You know how in Chinese Medicine we have lines and meridians of natural energy flow?
Friend:  Yes.
Me:   Well, Gaia has them too. You know like Stonehenge?
Glastonbury Tor
And like Sedona?
Oak Creek Canyon, Sedona, Arizona

Friend:  Yes.
Me:   Well there are some people who make lots of money. They have a system where they find all of the ley lines and build great big structures on them like airports to weaken the flow of energy in Gaia. In Victoria, BC, Canada, that is where two lines intersect. There is a great big Parliament building right near it.

Friend:   Well, back home we have something like this. Feng Shui. There are veins of this energy running under the ground. When the leaders wanted to build Singapore up, the old Feng Shui Masters protested. They said that Singapore would fall into ruin if that was build and interrupted the Feng Shui Veins. They won out, and all building had to protect those energy lines to keep it auspicious.

Me:   Aha!

So there you have it. You decide for yourself if you think there is some truth in it.

And for me? Here is something I love from Chinese Medicine very much! Although it looks like a big 'fatty', Moxibustion makes me HAPPIER than a Rastafarian when I get it! The energy is just right for me.

By the way, because of my work, I do not partake in anything 'recreational' other than the occasional glass of wine. I like the taste of beer, but it goes right to the waistline. I do not enjoy mixed drinks. Any other substance would show up on drug testing. Then I would end up on the 'wall of shame' in the California Medical Board. No reason to go for that. Just in case you were wondering if I got all these visions and more with chemical help, be it natural herbal help or artificial pharmaceutical help, that is not the truth. I am 100% organic, cruelty-free Reiki-ness.


Reiki Doc