Saturday, March 16, 2013

How to Dissect a Heart

At UCSD we had to wait until second year for Anatomy. I have dissected a heart. The thorax was our first assignment. I aced it on the practical. I always enjoyed studying the heart. In physiology, since it was both a biological pump with its own wiring circuitry built into it (awesome for a chemical engineer) I loved it. And in gross anatomy, where with my three other teammates, we went in armed with Grant's Guide and followed the steps like one would follow a recipe. Our heart was full of clots. They were dried out and thick, like little corks in the chambers. I was the best at picking them out. The coronary arteries, the coronary sinus, the atria and ventricles.

Back in the day, that was the only way to know what was happening in the heart: the autopsy. Then came stethoscopes, electrocardiograms, and cardiac echo. Since my becoming an attending, we now have further new developments: CT angio and MRI of the heart. I think there is PET scanning too. With my TEE I can see a lot--without ever having to open the chest.

Medicine has advanced, hasn't it?

As an anesthesiologist I have to analyze the heart function of my patients before I anesthetize them. Will they tolerate a general anesthetic? Am I going to have to modify it to make it a cardiac anesthetic? Should they go to telemetry after surgery, or perhaps ICU.


Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps...that song by Cake was the theme song of my rotation as a surgeon on Cardiac Surgery. It was sad because it was what I always had wanted to do, but because I had done a horribly traumatic vascular service Before I had switched to anesthesia one month earlier. The surgeon and I really clicked. He went on to become my Teacher-Friend, a significant role model and support for me in my early career. I worked with him in the heart room as his cardiac anesthesiologist for eight years. We were close, platonic close, but just about as close as two persons can get. If it wasn't for him, I never would have confessed about Our Lady's guidance. He called it a gift, and encouraged me to develop it.

Today I take on the position of Teacher-Friend with you when it comes to the heart. One of my readers asked, "Shouldn't we have to test to see if the person is trustworthy before we open our heart?"

Here is an example of three D versus five D when it comes to affairs of the heart.

In three D right now, my heart is being dissected. I sense this because I am not 3D. I know. Like the person who asked the question, someone who is interested in me (and me back) is treating me like I am an avocado at the market: is she ripe? What about the price? Should I buy it? This person does not realize with my working with patients I am good at reading people in the first place. I also have the extra layer of consciousness to 'read' him back with my aura interacting with his.

What I 'pick up' is that the last love shattered him completely. He likes his life the way it is, is very mental and has to accept life through the mind first before he accepts with the heart. His culture is not his fault, but as he was raised, deciding on 'what's in it for me?' is part of the process. For example, 'would I want to support her?' To me, this is very much like gross anatomy on my most sacred part of me! I have made sure I have followed Rigth Action in all of my dealings with him and with others that are close to him. But none of this can reassure him as he goes through this third dimensional process. I accept this, for it is not hidden from me. But as it is quite lengthy, I am taking a break until he can catch up.

I am the intuition-vibration-aura equivalent of the non-invasive methods to scan the heart. Within thirty seconds, I sensed his aura and his heart center. It was a match in Vibrational compatibility. I had no concept of further involvement. Basically, it was Lightworker-hard work- has suffered-helps others-old soul-good heart in just about as much time as it took for you to read that last sentence.

In five D, everyone is going to be like me, able to 'read an aura' or 'smell a rat' if you prefer. With unconditional love for all, even the rat, whom you will find completely adorable for his shifty ways, and take steps to lovingly distance yourself so he may safely learn his lessons and grow to perhaps 3D p,us or lower 4D.

The focus of relationship at that point will be affection, mutual help, and mutually advantageous ability of the connection to raise Consciousness.

Duality, the cheating heart drama, the lies and the miscommunication frustration will be gone from all relationships forever! Can you imagine parenting? It will be a breeze! And love will be able to reach new heights of mutual fulfillment and growth.

Not everybody is going to make it to 5D. I have my hand out to lift and am giving a leg up there, and I have been for just about two years now. I will be there for you. Everyone will be waiting for the time when the most souls are ready to make the jump in consciousness. And if they are not, they will go to a place where they can carry out their lessons at the current level of Duality, and not get hurt.

I hope this makes sense? You don't have to dissect a beautiful heart to pieces before you will accept a gift to love it. If you raise your vibration high enough, you will know the heart in thirty seconds when you first meet. Work on yourself, and you will find abundance and delight at the end of your journey to awakening.

I want you to come with me. This is like the end of anesthesia for your surgery. I lean in, put on my softest voice, and say gently. "Your Duality is OVER! It is time to wake up! Open your eyes! Squeeze my hand! Show me you are awake and I will take that nasty tube out for you!"

Duality IS ending. It is time to wake up from your long sleep.


Reiki Doc