Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Miracle of Heaven On Earth!

What is the happiest you could ever imagine?!-- this is the voice that I woke me up ten minutes ago.

Without a moment's hesitation, I said, 'Heaven on Earth!' and smiled big!


Are you wondering why I am up and writing this on a Saturday at three in the morning when I don't have to get up and go to work?

If you are, that is a good question!

Lately I have been getting up at three in order to do all of my Spiritual Work. And I am making it through my day without being tired! So in a way my body is kind of used to it.

In another way, I recognize the deeper meaning of this statement, metaphysically, and would like to say a little more about it to you.

One of the first things Our Lady, whom I call Blessed Mother, used to work on with me in Her contact with me, is this concept of Heaven On Earth. (I have been a visionary since 1992)

She would ask me this very same question. 'What is better than Heaven?!' For years, I would struggle with the answer. I would reflect on my wishes and dreams I wanted to come true first. But Her answer would always be the same, 'Heaven On Earth!'.

After a while, I started to humor Her, like she was the straight man and I got to say the punch line in our 'inside joke'.

It wasn't until after twenty years of metaphysical training by Her, and by those She guided me to, that I understood: Heaven is a powerful vibration that is about three feet up from the surface of Earth. It looks very much like Earth, but is almost the same in appearance. That is why Spirits have the feet not touch the ground and hover about three feet above it. That is why ghosts, who are Earth-stuck spirits, do have feet that touch it. 

Heaven is a powerful 'state of being' that includes the ability to 'manifest', which is another word for 'co-creation' of what is going to happen to us, and to our world as a whole.

Thoughts are very real spiritual 'things'. Even though we think they are only 'ours', this is in fact not true. Our 'thoughts' go out through space and time across the cosmos! We are 'Creator Gods' in a sense--for lack of a better word--and what we believe and 'know' in our heart of hearts or even unconsciously, is what comes about to actually 'be'.

Imagine swimming with others who are peeing in the pool. And some are going poop. You know how one little 'log' can empty a public swimming pool for hours to get the bacteria right by the pool technicians? Well, we are swimming in a 'cesspool of thoughts brought out by someone's stinkin' thinkin'!' Yep, those 'thoughts' you had are still bouncing around on Gaia; together they create a chaotic electromagnetic field of powerful co-creation. 

Some of you have thoughts that are cultivated, like hot house orchids and roses that are in bloom. Others have the 'log-floating thoughts of Illusion of Duality'.

Part of the most important Spiritual Practice one can add to their life, and one of the most profoundly helpful, both on a personal and a global level, is to acquire the ability to filter one's thoughts. Thoughts may come up out of the blue, just like while we are meditating and practicing to keep our minds and hearts quiet. And just like in meditation, we have the power to 'filter them'--pay more attention to a thought that reflects Light, and note but do not encourage a thought that is not From Light.

The choice is yours.

5D isn't going to 'happen' until your Vibration is compatible with the higher energies. If you have taken a Karuna Reiki course, guess what? You are powerfully 'multi-dimensional' and have made most of the 'jump' when you took that course! Ascension is going to be easy for you.

For those of you who have not, but think good thoughts from an open heart, and help others--only you and Heaven  can know for sure--Ascension is going to happen without your knowing it! Your path in Life and all your many powerful choices to reflect the Light got your Vibration into that range, and 'poof!', you are going to be 'in'.

For most of you, you are going to make the 'jump' when you are ready. There are very few that are truly 'stuck in 3D' and arrangements have been made for these 'life lessons' to play out on a compatible 3D 'place', except that this one, unlike Earth, will be 'safe' for those who 'play and learn' in it. This is very much, on a metaphysical level, like being gently placed back into the padded, safe, 'Toddler Play Area' at an amusement park or public play area like an inflatable slide and jumpy-thing indoor park. You can't get hurt by others or hurt yourself--others will be looking out for you while you play and learn and the area is really designed for your level of development in the first place.

Heaven is coming to Earth! It will be like 'popcorn'--those who are 'ready' will 'pop in' to the 5D Vibration. Everyone has the ability to 'wake up' at their own pace. There is no alarm clock that is going to ring.

However, there IS a big wave of powerful electromagnetic/higher Vibration energy that is a Tsunami of Love that is headed toward the planet. It is from the Galactic Centeral Sun. When that hits, most of you who are 'close in Vibration' are going to 'wake up' at the same time! See this link from the one who taught me about this 'pulse'--Cobra--

And when that 'hits', I will be there for you, to help you 'wake up completely', and make the adjustment. I am 'awake', and enjoying my life very much! Blessed Mother informed me that my boy and I had 'made it' and 'Ascended' several months ago. She was very excited, clapping Her hands and jumping up and down with delight! I had never seen her do anything like it! Her Joy was infectious, and even though I did not 'understand' I trusted Her. Believe me, I did NOT feel anything 'different' in November when She let me know. But NOW? Powerfully different! People ask me, 'How are you doing?' when I meet them at the hospital--for example when I am taking a patient to PACU and the RN and I greet each other. 'I am doing really GREAT!' I say with a smile, and I mean it!

5D feels nice. It is refreshing. It is Life-giving. And to co-create? It's kind of amazing...I am just practicing it for is all with baby steps..

I can't wait for you to come into this new Vibration of Heaven On Earth with me! Come right in, the water's fine!!!


Reiki Doc

P.S. I think I might go back to sleep...for just a little bit <3 <3 <3

P.P.S. Cobra is at this official page: