Thursday, March 28, 2013

It Is What It IZ

This is not the only place where I have blogged on the Internet. It is now! But not long ago, a message came to me from the Hawaiian Singer, IZ. I did not know what to do with it. Doctors With Reiki was new. I was not sure if the content would be appropriate to this blog back at that time. So...I found a group that was more 'open'. I logged in, and I made a new blog there under the name Daughters Of Rebekah. I woke up to IZ singing 'Over The Rainbow' today. What a nice start to the day, ya?

Here is the message from IZ, followed by the link so you can see the beautiful rainbow the editors kindly added to it--actually, on second thought, why don't you just click right to the link--you get IZ's singing 'Over The Rainbow' at the end too. It is worth it:

I started writing under the pseudonym 'Daughter of Rebekah' because a long time ago, Mother Mary told me she had been training me to be like Her, and that is what I was to be called.  I put all of my "craziest you-know-what" online there at the beginning, and guess what? People liked it!  Feel free to look around on that blog any time you are interested.

Then, I started to blog on that website, as Doctors With Reiki, too. Here is a link to my last post on that site:
Again, I was more 'open' in what I posted on here, and even had my picture up online. It was often very much like what I posted on this site, except to 'connect' with a more 'open' audience.
If you follow this blog, there are some things that I posted 'there' that I did not have the courage to post 'here'.

Now, I have something to share--and I won't be a gossip--but there was something called Father Mother God on The Galactic Free Press. I had been following them, and their work, closely, looking for intel on this site every day. But there began to have some disinfo there. I could tell, and they also were 'filtering it'--one guy from the Galactic Federation of Light or whatever, kind of went bonkers on his channelling. I still stayed on following it with 'a grain of salt', always 'filtering' as I went through the links.

But guess what? One day Father God, and don't get me wrong, I may be totally wrong on this!--one day Father God posted something that made it sound like he had 'found someone new'. What about poor Mother God? Was she left out hanging like yesterday's old laundry?

With that, I wanted no more. I took down my photograph, and I stopped posting. I still love Father Mother God, and they are in Lake Shasta, which is a wonderful place. I got tired of the earth quakes and financial tyranny and intrigue that was also starting to show up.

In a way this was the best thing! Why? Because I got the courage up to post on here like a banshee, like a valkyrie, like an amazon warrior--possibly from Crete? or other woman-friendly historical place--anything that came up! Mediumship? You got it. Messages from Our Lady? Not a problem. Health-related things that link the 'woo-green-raw vegan' mind set with the 'not-so-traditional-any-more community I work with in the hospital?' You got it!

So what do I get for all of this? I don't know! I get the relief from having communicated what I have been asked. I have gotten to know many of you AMAZING and INCREDIBLE people through your comments here, on Facebook as Doctors With Reiki, and on Twitter as  @usui2102.

I also have yesterday's message that is incredibly reinforced by the new Gaia Portal from 3/27/2013, a stub of a Twin Flame candle burned on the full moon, and this:

I am a romantic at heart. Oh, yes! I discovered the following group on Facebook, Romantic Revolution. It is incredible! It makes you feel like you are actually on the set of Casablanca, my favorite movie of all time.  So many wonderful romantical posts! <3

'It looks like this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship', Rick says to Inspector as they walk off into the fog...

Enjoy all of the great changes that your arrival in the Higher Dimensions brings! I bid you WELCOME to the Fifth Dimension--and more!!! xoxoxoxox, Gros Bisous, et Je vouz embrasse bien forte! (I give you BIG hug!)


Reiki Doc