Friday, March 29, 2013

What 5D Feels Like

A German Tourist feeds a Giraffe at the Safari Park

This Giraffe is the 'star' of the park and always in every official photo

This is because of the perfect heart-shaped marking on her neck.

Can you imagine feeding a Giraffe? It is one of the coolest things you can do on earth--and for a moderate fee, you can go on the back of the truck at the Safari Park in San Diego (actually, the suburb of Escondido) and feed Giraffes acacia leaves on a tour.

The energy is electrifying to be near such a beautiful creature. The connection truly amazes you, and you experience joy so much you never want to leave.

Positive feelings like this are very much what it is like to be 5D and higher. What dimension am I? I have always understood on this assignment I am 6D working on reaching 7D. However, recently I read some of my channelled notes in my personal journal. When I was with an Ascended Master, I think, Jesus (yes, I see him. He is VERY handsome, too. And nice!), when I asked him what dimension I was in, he said 'Seven' but held up NINE fingers on his hands at the same time. As such, I haven't got a clue about what dimension I am currently in; I just know 'we are not in Kansas--3D--any more'. ; )

Here are some of the things I am starting to notice about myself that are 'different':
  • Life is a drama-reduced zone--most things don't shake me. Only being exhausted and my kid trying not to get ready for bed gets me upset.
  • I find I am a little impatient with him--not others--for jumping to bizarre conclusions and needing extra explanations for 'what is going on'. This is because I am understanding things in a social context (which he doesn't 'get') as well as telepathically. Having to 'stop and explain' something that is obvious to me is an annoyance.  It is not his fault--I think he asks because he is like 4D and wanting to understand but I am like 5D and feel like I am being 'held back' by his questions.
  • Others at work are starting to notice how I 'let slip' with information that I have 'accessed' with my Higher Consciousness--for example, 'How did you know? How DID you possibly know THAT?' when I shared about the new trampoline park near my home with a single dad who had just not been able to go to his local one yesterday because it was full. 'I picked up the phone!' he said in astonishment.
  • My appetite is less for meat and more for higher vibrational foods. Alcohol has lost its 'appeal' --I now skip wine with dinner routinely--me, the Sicilian! My friend 'was done' one day with 'ganga'--something I had loved her unconditionally for and accepted as a life-long thing for her but had been sad because it would hold her back spiritually from the most advanced levels. This is a miracle! Both of us are experiencing life-style changes due to incompatibility of lower vibration substances with our higher Vibration. 
  • Sometimes I experience stretches of time where I feel like I am not breathing and yet not uncomfortable. I do not know if it is physiologic, or if my focus is so intent that it escapes my notice.
  • I manifest and co-create. Biggest example: friend I am getting to know has a career WAY different from mine. I was just wondering 'where did he go to school and who was his teacher?' Not one week later, I met his teacher, the founder of the school, at a lecture at his work. The Universe Provides.
  • I didn't used to mind chores. Now I would rather focus on 5D things. So unlike before, I go through my chores quickly, much faster than before, just to 'get them done'.
  • I have a pervasive sense of calm in everything I do.
  • Paying the bills seems to be such a bother--it seems antique and unnecessary. Kind of like a 'throw back' from 3D. I still have to put together the tax documents to file for my extension. Ick.
  • Yesterday I found time for something I enjoy--there was a small 'respite' in my home-work-family situation. I worked in the garden in the front yard, watering and trimming, to much happiness. And I also made a vinaigrette. Usually I just pour oil and vinegar because I am in a hurry. I always make my own salad dressing, without a recipe. This salad was raw and delicious--green lettuce, fennel cut way thin, and a little bit of capers. The vinaigrette had red wine vinegar,  olive oil, salt, pepper, and a little dry mustard. And I cook by 'feel' with 'guidance' and never measure properly, just like my Nanna Angelina did. I find this incredibly enjoyable to do.
  • I have a sense of 'working with Spirit' and consulting for guidance with them when I need advice. Yesterday I had a decision to make, and I used my keychain as a pendulum before I got into the car. It was very helpful to 'touch base' and then have no regrets on what I was supposed to do.
  • I feel like hugging people. At work and at home. Much more so than usual. And I do.
  • Others are looking to me for example, at work, and 'waking up' before my eyes. They notice 'something is different' but do not understand exactly what is 'happening' to them. But overall, everyone is more supportive of each other and more willing to work together as a team.
Soon you are going to see changes like this in your life, too.


Reiki Doc