Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Spirit's 'Reminders' on Yesterday's Lessons

This is in Vouvray, France

Yesterday as I fell asleep, I 'erased' the events of the day from my mind. I slept well. I enjoyed a two-hour 'sleeping in' because I have a day off the schedule at work. But when I awoke, Spirit had two gentle reminders of learning for myself yesterday. Ironically, they were two of the 'less than happy' moments in my day. Here they are:

The forgotten medication and the nurse who forgot it: 
Preoperative antibiotics are essential before joint replacement. I had a new nurse with my line up. She was on the ball--calling into the O.R. way in advance to report the blood sugar on our next patient.  When I showed up in pre-op, something seemed 'off': there was no pump with the Vanco, and that one takes an hour to go in. I dismissed my concern, thinking, she is so organized that she must have given everything and disconnected it all. Imagine my horror when after the incision I realized no antibiotics had been given. I checked on the computer and it was not entered! I called to double check. I looked at the chart where she said to look--there was a question mark but no check next to the box. 
"Do you KNOW how important this is, to have missed this dose in this surgery?" I asked, in shock.
"But there were SO MANY OF THEM today!" she said back. My heart center heard. I backed off.
She offered to get some right away, and we came up with a plan.
Sometimes when there is a mistake it is hard to tell the surgeon; I just 'put it out there' with a preamble before that 'you are going to be mad'. Then right away, I tell them that it is fixed and I am doing X and Y and Z already.
I saw her look at me in pre-op before my next case. I saw her worry, and fear. She could lose her job over this. I was her job, but the circulating nurse and I were the safety back-ups. For me, I had not eaten lunch and it was two. I had to choose between eating and making the surgeon wait, and going ahead. I chose to go ahead, and ate one four ounce juice and two 'two-packs' of saltine crackers, four in all. There is a term called 'production pressure' in the O.R.; when management pushes too hard for productivity, mistakes occur. I understood why the mistake happened. I smiled and gave her a big hug. I said I was worried more about her because she is so on the ball I couldn't believe how this had happened. I told her the patient got antibiotics after all, and that everything was going to be okay.
"Would you rather be right? Or would you rather be loved?" my Aunt Jean used to say. Yesterday was her birthday in Heaven.

The patient seeing visions in PACU:
My patient, a different one, had a complex medical history. This one was no stranger to the O.R. This one was also a chronic pain patient who had hit me up for drugs in pre-op holding. 'I want the anesthesiologist so they can hit me up and I can feel okay.' they said, not knowing I WAS the anesthesiologist. I pulled up a chair and asked my questions. When I explained who I was, and why I had given 'just enough but not too much for going over the consents' they were like, 'Oh.' I did give more, but not as much as they asked. It was fair enough, though. For people on heavy doses of pain medication, missing a dose day of surgery can be a big thing.
In recovery room, this patient pointed at the left foot of the bed, and said, 'Someone is here'. I heard fear in the voice. I stepped closer and asked, 'How does this person make you feel?'
'They are bad news...please close the curtain'
I did, and added, 'Tell them to go away. They have to listen to you. Just make them go away.'
The patient didn't. Instead they wanted the curtain open. The nurse, was oblivious to what had gone on. There was a spirit, a dark one, watching. And the patient was too weak in body-mind-spirit to defend themself. Instead she said, 'Oh, there is a different patient across the room, see? And they are waking up from surgery like you. They aren't going to hurt you. My dad was a cop, too. I know what to do.' ? The negative entity went away because of what she said. I walked away.
This morning, my conscious, on second thought, touched me: this one was probably full on DE's, due to the nature of the surgical procedure and the clinical presentation. I had forgotten to give Reiki.
I thought, oh man! And my next thought was GCH and St. Michael, please go to this patient, clear them, and protect them right away if it is still okay to ask?
The answer was an instant 'yes' and I saw St. Michael kneel before me, sword at his side, looking down. This is what I see the few times I do something extra good/spiritually A+ --the angels have no guise, and this is how they show their being highly pleased with what you do. He got up, said, 'I am on it!' and took off.
Remember the Cobra story about the implants from last night (blog post on first day in 5D walk with me)? There are 'homeless negative entities' in great number 'actively seeking' a 'new home'. That was one of them my patient saw.
Be careful. And be safe. You are automatically protected  for all time if you have ever read this blog (not the post, but any post), 'Liked' the Facebook page Doctors With Reiki, or followed Twitter @usui2102, or went to a certain vegan place last weekend. Your significant others and children are protected too. Keep your thoughts positive, and it will not be favorable for the attachments to latch on, too. Your positive energy will 'catch' to others around you, and that is how you will protect them with your Light. You ARE a Lightworker, whether you know it or not. This blog would be very uncomfortable for you to read it you were not of a Higher Vibration--Gaia is in 5D, but her people are 3D to 7D. You are at 4D or 5D now. (I am 6D working to reach 7D) Your 3D neighbors need your Light very much. Keep on brilliantly sharing your energy of Love = Light = Grace. (Here is a helpful link from St. Germain


Reiki Doc

P.S. here is an except from Le Petit Prince last night. I find reading in French works better with the kids than Reiki at bedtime! One of them was a knight in France in a past life. He wore shining armor, the person at Psychic Development Class said when she saw him 'read' past lives of our small group, accurately, at age six. She told him more about his own past life. It was neat. He is my 'protector' : )

In French:
'Si quelqu'un aime une fleur qui n'existe qu'a un exemplaire dans les millions et les millions d'etoiles, ca suffit pour qu'il soit heureux quand il les regard. Il se dit : "Ma fleur est la quelque part..." Mais, si le mouton mange la fleur, c'est pour lui comme si, brusquement, toutes les etoiles s'eteignaient! Et ce n'est pas important ca!'
Il ne put rien de dire plus. Il eclata brusquement en sanglots. La nuit etait tombee. j'avais lache mes outils. Je me moquais bien de mon marteau, de mon boulon, de la sif et de la mort. Il y aviai, sur une etoile, une planete, la mienne, la Terre, un petit prince a consoler! je le pris dans les bras. je le bercai. Je lui disaid: 'La fleur que tu aimes n'est pas en danger. Je lui dessinerai une museliere, a ton mouton... Je te dessinerai une armure pour ta fleur...Je...' Je ne savais pas trop quoi dire. Je me sentais tres maladroit. je ne savais comment l'atteindre, ou le rejoindre... C'est tellement mysterieux, le pays les larmes!

In English:

'If someone loves a flower the only one in the millions and millions of stars, that's enough to make him happy when he sees it. He says: "My flower is somewhere ..." But if the sheep eats the flower, it is as if, suddenly, all the stars will be darkened! And it is not important that! '
He could not say anything more. He suddenly broke out into tears. The night was fallen. I let go of my tools,  my hammer, my bolt, thirst and  ultimate death (here in the desert a hundred thousand miles from anywhere inhabited). There was NOW, on a star, on a planet, this planet of mine, the Earth, a little prince to console! I took him in my arms. I rocked him. I said to him: 'The flower that you love is not in danger. I will draw you a muzzle for your sheep ... I'll draw you a railing to put around your flower ... I ... 'I did not know what to say. I felt very awkward. I did not know how to help him exactly... It's so mysterious, the land tears!