Thursday, March 21, 2013

Messages From My Patients: Chapter 52

July 1, 2009
C:   I asked Michael on the way home what his favorite song was.
MJ:   You mean what I sang or any song?
C:   Well you did so many and it was your business and you owned them—any song.
MJ:   “What a Wonderful World” by Nat King Cole. I used to listen to it all the time.
C:   I also asked him how he looked in Heaven? (ed - Like cover of Off the Wall--I see it.)
MJ:   I was at my best. That’s why I chose it. You get to pick. (ed - And he wants Neverland SOLD!)
Anyhow, he wanted me to write for him, asking ‘you promise? You promise?’

This is his message to the world, channeled through me:
This is Michael Joseph Jackson I. The disembodied voice. The spirit. I am alive and I am BLESSED to know Jehovah has given all my fans a wondrous existence—all the love (clasps his fist by his heart) has helped me survive the horrible transition. I was forgotten, mocked and a joke subject on late night with David Letterman. That was worse than death! I never made fun on anyone. I tried to live my life as I saw fit. The parents it was the parents that wanted fame and let me have their kids. I have money--an awful lot of it--not like OPRAH—whoa, Heaven forbid, not like OPRAH.

This is back to our regular conversation:

Anyhow, I want to talk to you about something very nice. My family. Not my kids, my children, my Family of Life. There are those who have been selected to have a purpose in the afterlife. No, not Diana Ross or Elizabeth Taylor (giggles). There are some influential people around (ed - I see Mother Teresa, she waves). I have taken them to me and I am trying to harness all the love on Earth to help Heaven at my funeral. On your birthday will you post to me on Facebook one last memory? I will tell you what to say (Jackson 5 anesthesia set up in the O.R.--my routine-  ed) I’ll think about it. Let the message be blasted out across the universe, starting with your friends. (Kind of like what you did for Junipero Serra on FB today)
Anyhow, I will bless you and your family of light is STRONG and VERY BLESSED. I have GOOD FRIENDS and yours are of higher stature! God Bless you and your messages. I love you. Very Very very much. For being pure and of the light.
God will marry you (pinky promises with me, pinches my cheek)


  1. Thank you for this gem, one of the best birthday presents I could ever receive.. knowing MJ is now freed from his prison. He is and will always be forever my role model & my mentor.

    Peace Love & Light

    1. Dear Anthony, Happy Birthday!!! Guess what? I gave anesthesia not that long ago, to a former contract attorney for Motown Records. He KNEW Michael! He said that all the boys were raised to be very fearful of their father. And that they were really nice kids. At the time, he did not notice anything 'different' about the father except for the way kids interacted with him. He also knew Diana Ross and was one of the few that got along well with her. 'She demanded perfection, and I provided it. If she wanted a contract by a certain time, I drove it myself after hours to her. She was very nice.' His favorite, was Stevie Wonder. But anyhow, as I talked to my patient about Michael, I was searching for a 'hit' of Michael's energy as he spoke of him to see if it 'matched' the energy I felt in Michael's message here. It DID! It was the same sweet ring of truth and loving energy that is heard in his voice when you hear him sing. Namaste and have fun!