Thursday, March 21, 2013

Messages From My Patients: Chapter 52

July 1, 2009
C:   I asked Michael on the way home what his favorite song was.
MJ:   You mean what I sang or any song?
C:   Well you did so many and it was your business and you owned them—any song.
MJ:   “What a Wonderful World” by Nat King Cole. I used to listen to it all the time.
C:   I also asked him how he looked in Heaven? (ed - Like cover of Off the Wall--I see it.)
MJ:   I was at my best. That’s why I chose it. You get to pick. (ed - And he wants Neverland SOLD!)
Anyhow, he wanted me to write for him, asking ‘you promise? You promise?’

This is his message to the world, channeled through me:
This is Michael Joseph Jackson I. The disembodied voice. The spirit. I am alive and I am BLESSED to know Jehovah has given all my fans a wondrous existence—all the love (clasps his fist by his heart) has helped me survive the horrible transition. I was forgotten, mocked and a joke subject on late night with David Letterman. That was worse than death! I never made fun on anyone. I tried to live my life as I saw fit. The parents it was the parents that wanted fame and let me have their kids. I have money--an awful lot of it--not like OPRAH—whoa, Heaven forbid, not like OPRAH.

This is back to our regular conversation:

Anyhow, I want to talk to you about something very nice. My family. Not my kids, my children, my Family of Life. There are those who have been selected to have a purpose in the afterlife. No, not Diana Ross or Elizabeth Taylor (giggles). There are some influential people around (ed - I see Mother Teresa, she waves). I have taken them to me and I am trying to harness all the love on Earth to help Heaven at my funeral. On your birthday will you post to me on Facebook one last memory? I will tell you what to say (Jackson 5 anesthesia set up in the O.R.--my routine-  ed) I’ll think about it. Let the message be blasted out across the universe, starting with your friends. (Kind of like what you did for Junipero Serra on FB today)
Anyhow, I will bless you and your family of light is STRONG and VERY BLESSED. I have GOOD FRIENDS and yours are of higher stature! God Bless you and your messages. I love you. Very Very very much. For being pure and of the light.
God will marry you (pinky promises with me, pinches my cheek)