Sunday, March 17, 2013

Goddess Up!

This is what happened during the combined healing for the Green Portal, 3.17.2013.
As you know, @Lightworker Community in London and @Time To Heal  in Australia joined myself in California for this Free Healing Event. (I did not know until afterward that the lovely @Laurita Jane Reiki joined us too!)

I started this singing, or actually, 'intoning' Karuna Reiki.

Then I was guided to direct Divine Peace Healing to Ireland.

The intention I was given was:

  • Through Unconditional Love my Courage arise to support the re-discovery of Divine Knowledge
Lo and behold, a female 'popped up' after the Vortex was opened over the land. She looked like this, above. We had a conversation:

Me:  What is your name?
Goddess: (looks at me funny--she knew I knew her Vibration, and in Spirit that is Enough)
Me: People are going to want to know you, they will want to know.
Goddess: (tossed her hair, levels with me, and I know this is not the 'real' name but the one she has 'selected' for this). Rhiannon. Tell them to refer to me as Rhiannon. They will understand that.
Me: Do you know Our Lady? Are you the same person?
Goddess Rhiannon:  We...are...(pause) colleagues. We know each other.
Me: (I feel her energy, it is strong) How about Pele? Do you know her?
Goddess Rhiannon: (smiles) She is my 'sister by another mister'.

She changed the subject. I could tell she was upset:
Goddess Rhiannon: My people are NOT DRUNKARDS! My people are NOT stupid ignoramuses. My people are hard-working, honest, and GOOD PEOPLE! They are angry, and frustrated, and upset because they hold the Truths in their DNA and are not allowed to act on it! That is why they drink! (I saw an image to make a point--like the First Nations citizens who were herded into 'Reservations' and had their way of life stolen from them and did not exactly 'adjust'.)

I then watch her direct lots of gold squiggly energy out of her hands, it goes flying everywhere, and I see old Truths and old Spirits that were held back floating up out of the ground. The Truths are from her People, and they are free to be discovered once again. It looked somewhat like this:

This Golden Light connected all of us Lightworkers who were participating in this across the earth. 

Then it was my turn. I was guided to have all of us connect our green and pink heart chakras (pink being a little higher in the chest, and for Unconditional Love) to each other like a daisy chain. Then the network between all of us began to take on a green glow, like neon.

I felt Australia go 'wow, cool!'. Her job was to anchor for what was to come next. I was totally surprised by it.

For about five minutes, Lightworker Community turned into a spinning fountain of Light! She looked like this:

At THAT point, I was like, 'Whoa!' and had to work myself to anchor the energy down. When she finished, it was like, 'Wow! I did that?'.

And then I saw another Goddess come out from a cave in the earth by a grassy hill. She had curly long brown hair, and a wrinkled dress as having been asleep for too long.

It was Gaia.

We spoke but I cannot recall exactly what was said. But her beauty and her energy were freaking awesome!

Together, our energy merged with the grid. I felt myself merge with the ground (I was laying in the back yard on a patch of bright green grass, on a towel). And the green light that connected us was directed toward the oceans that were between us three Lightworkers. The water began to glow bright electric blue, the Pacific first, and then, with a gentle PUSH from Gaia, the Atlantic.

It was Lemuria and Atlantis energy rising up.

As I beheld the marvel, Rhiannon asked me to think of my Bliss. I did. It is to energize the grid with hope and faith and joyful expectation. She asks all of us to think of our BLISS for the next five hours, no matter when you read this, just please do so for her.

Then I was told to eat, and to recommend others to eat as much fresh spring vegetables as possible, particularly sprouts. Not the kind you buy from the store. The kind you make at home. I make mung bean sprouts myself.

And we were told to relax while the angels tended to our auras.

They tended to all of us. Your part was in there too! The healing for those by request was before the Vortex in Ireland. And after Rhiannon came up and 'connected us', your spirits were invited, too, to join and add your healing energy to the mix. Those of you who wanted to participate and took the time, actually did. I saw your energy points quite clearly. The men, for example, had a wonderful masculine energy that was quite unlike what you see portrayed in the media--more solid and earth-connected than 'action movie' masculinity. It took my breath away to behold the strength of Gaia-connected Lightworkers!

Here is the song that Rhiannon wants me to play here for you. It is Stevie Nicks' version. 

Try to notice the equal balance of masculine and feminine energy as the song is played by the group Fleetwood Mac.

So that is enough for today.

After the ecstacy, the laundry!

Namaste, namaste, namaste,

Reiki Doc


  1. What was seen by Time To Heal in Australia during this combined healing: Hi hun, this is the third time I have tried to respond, I have had to type it in word, firstly as the internet keeps dropping out! Lol third time lucky!
    Ok I wanted to describe to you all how the healing was at my end, it was mesmerizing! I first sent my healing to earths grid and immediately saw you girls there shortly after, we all seemed to have an angel before us, she sure had my attention, but I couldn’t hear anything she might have had to say, I just kept looking at her, then I realised you girls had gone back “on the job” and so went back to the grid. It was a swirling mass of colour, I think it was at this time I thought,………wow this is cool!......cant believe you got that C!!!!! After a little while, I was drawn upward, you were still there, and I looked down to see all the lights, I knew they were people that had asked for healing, and I started to drift down to join you again, I saw new spirits passing me by and felt their peace, by the time I got back, my time was over, I said my thanks and asked AA Michael to anchor the healing and came back to my lounge room. It was awesome, I will admit to feeling it was over too soon, and I felt I felt you girls were still there, but knew it was ok at the same time.
    When I read your experience I was blown away!!! thank you so much for inviting me to be part of this xxxxx

  2. This is what was seen by Lightworker Community in London: Hi Everyone, just wanted to share what I felt from the healing and also what Doctors With Reiki got cause oh boy was it a lot!!

    Firstly I was guided to lay down and cup my hands imagining Mother Earth in the middle of my hands. I then felt the connections, first with Doctors with Reiki and then to Time to Heal & Laurita in Australia. Again, like last months healing we were connected by a diamond shape. I was at the bottom, Doctors with Reiki on the left and Australia on the right, both sides were then connected to Source with everyone in the middle of the diamond.

    I asked that everyone that had signed up be included as well as all your loved ones that you wished to help for everyone's highest good. I am letting you know this as some people (loved ones) who you put down did not want to receive help or healing, so dropped out of the diamond. This is perfectly normal as the time was not right for them. Please don't worry as they have chosen what they needed at this time.

    I then felt my palms get really hot as the energy poured out and then I kind of went into 'bliss' mode and saw a big purple heart around the Earth in my mind's eye. The heart produced waves of purple energy that were like glowing heart shaped rings! If you read the blog post from Doctors with Reiki (link below) you will see that we focused a lot on the Heart Chakra in this healing. I think I must have been in my 'bliss' mode when I turned into a 'spinning fountain of light' (see blog) as I was just completely in the energies!

    The next thing I saw was the Earth surrounded by this heavy grid and I asked Spirit how many grids there were, I got the answer 5. I asked if they needed to be removed and I got 'yes this is what this healing is for', so I started to break down these grids, but it was tough and I couldn't move pieces of it, then all of a the others poured there energy into mine and suddenly the Earth burst free and the grids fell away. The grids reminded me of a jail cell, which I guess is what we needed to release today so we can all move forward! Once this had happened I felt the energies die down and the healing was complete.

    I then fell asleep for about 15mins as there was a lot of energy flowing through me and I needed to rest!!

    Thank you all for signing up and being part of this. I am looking forward to next month's healing event as I feel this will be a very graceful, peaceful energy rather than a big power blast like today!!

    I will write my energy update tomorrow evening as I need to wait and see how things have settled after this!

    All my Love Sarah ♥