Saturday, March 9, 2013

Messages From My Patients: Chapter 38

October 10, 2008


God is going to make it right for you.”

C:   J? Little JR? (the little preschooler that drowned in Chapter 31)

J:   You know who I am? (pause) I like how you are teaching others from my dying and about drowning prevention. Sally (Roy's widow - see Chapter 37) was happy that you spoke to her of my funeral and your son having gone to it and understanding death when you gave her a call to cheer her up about Roy.
God has made a beautiful sign of love (points up). For you in heaven. You will be holy. Powerfully blessed. It is like Dr. Schuller says (I knew enough of him to get to heaven) ‘a little is enough (of God)’.
Always remember the way I talked to you when you spoke to our class about medicine. I was very excited about my future. It was the little of a future I had, and I enjoyed it, thinking about what to be when I grow up. My friend, your son,  already is one, a doctor. God will overwhelm you with His generosity and light.
(He gives me instruction about Dr. O and Dr. K, and says to talk to Dr. MH about it.)

J.R. of the body/spirit/light