Thursday, March 28, 2013

Bariatric Intel and Reiki

I just had the opportunity to pick the brains of a successful bariatric surgeon for you. ; )

Here is what they had to say:

  • Bariatric patients are told to 'eat slow and chew their food thoroughly' this means it takes a half hour to eat half a sandwich, or fifteen minutes to drink four ounces of smoothie.
  • The slow eating allows the pouch to distend just enough for the feeling of being 'full'
  • Those who do well following the surgery are good at eating slowly.
  • If you want to eat more, take longer.
  • People who eat fast experience 'stretch' of the pouch. Not only does the feeling of fullness change as the stomach pouch or sleeve change permanently to hold more than four ounces of also empties quicker, bringing hunger pangs with it.
  • There is not much that can be done for those who have stretched out their pouches, surgically, but they often come back to clinic for the inevitable gain of weight back.
  • The bariatric patient is on these supplements for life: iron, B-12, multivitamin, folate, and something else but I forget.
  • People who are over one hundred pounds overweight lose a lot but not all of it with this type of procedure, even in best situation,
  • The supplements are needed because the part of the stomach that absorbs iron and makes intrinsic factor is bypassed or removed (sleeve)
  • Lap Bands are currently taken out more often than they are being put in.
  • A patient who looked wonderful shared her secret: working out a lot helps prevent the saggy skin following weight loss. She was a gym rat with very hard workouts ever since her bypass.
  • Loose skin can be removed with a p,attic surgeon in the OR. it is a circumferential cut around the waist, excess skin is removed, and the rest is pulled up like a pair of pants and reconnected.
How do we measure obesity? through the Body Mass I dex, or BMI.

BMI = weight (kilograms)/ height squared (meters)

normal BMI less than 25
Overweight BMI 25-30
Obese BMI 31-40
'Super Obese' BMI over 40.

At a recent conference in Hawaii, I stood up and shared that I got a spinal into the fourth c-section on a patient witha BMI of 80. the room gasped! I explained how under five feet, and over four hundred pounds you calculate this BMI. i earned the respect of everyone i. The room. people stopped me, later, and asked, "Are you the one?" and I smiled and said 'Yes' every time.

how does a bariatric surgeon lose ten pounds? and his brother forty? theough the Slow Carb diet. Restriction of carbohydrates except one day a week, where you 'eat what you want and drive up the metabolism'. He says that Atkins, paleo, south beach also work. Frankly, I think the accelerated cardiac atherosclerosis from being in ketosis (metabolically 'starvation' metabolism) is something to think twice about. Diabetic hearts are ten years older in 'mileage' than non diabetic ones, for anesthesia purposes, because of this ketosis state.

He also knows nothing about vegan organic or raw lifestyle. I gently brought it to his attention. Now he knows when he has questions about it he can talk to me. This is huge, talking with the Chief of Staff, and leading bariatric surgeon, about lifestyle choices like this. I let him know I am interested in this lifestyle for me, and I am starting to lose weight.

So these are the facts in the field of bariatric surgery. There is a lot of denial in patients over what they eat, and how much. You don't have to be a slave to food.

Now for the Reiki-- fat is insulation. Anger. It protects. i o ce saw a bullet stopped by pannus (the medical term for rolls of fat). Your fat helped you survive. You are perfect In Every way, unconditionally loved by the angels and by me. If you are not in that situation any more, where you looked to food for companionship, or protection, for survival, maybe you might want to think about it. How is it working for you? Listen to your body and its lessons. Go within. Spirit is going to assist in this process.

Go in to your lesson, and heal. The solution will come to you.

Think good thoughts. Write them on the mirror if you have to...

With Deepest love, from one survivor to another, and I am talking to you,


Reiki Doc