Friday, March 29, 2013

Better Than Sex

Well, almost!

My passion, outside the bedroom of course, is to unite traditional and energy healing practice and allopathic medicine. The hospital has been my life. I am a healer, and I had the calling to be a physician at an early age, sometime around three or four. I did not want to be a nurse, although in those days girls typically were not encouraged to be physicians, I knew exactly what I wanted to be.

You think this is one big pipe dream, hmmmm?


  • At 7:30 a.m. this morning, my circulating nurse, the youngest and coolest in the O.R., says, 'I went to that place with the raw vegan food the day before yesterday. The kitchen was closed, I came in-between hours. I had the Kombucha. I can't wait to go back.' All this while I am setting up for my first case!
  • At 10:30 a.m. after my long first case, in the hall I run into the coolest scrub tech on the planet. Let's call her 'Hello Kitty'. She is covered with tattoos and is the sweetest one you will ever know. I brought in some Shulze's Green Powder (buy it online) and some Raw Meal (at Whole Foods) to try. She was very excited and asked me about Raw Food. By the way, she is coordinating my schedule and the others in the O.R. who want to take Reiki Classes from me.
  • At noon the Pre Op nurses asked me to join the discussion on Medical Marijuana. 'Why can't all doctors write for it? It is legal!' I joked and said I thought since it was Friday were they offering some to me? Then I answered their questions, and there were many, about the schedule 1,2,3, and 4 drugs, the federal versus state and local 'legality', and how patient drug use affects how I give anesthesia to a patient. (I can lose my license if marijuana shows up on a drug test .)
  • At 17:00 while I am setting up for a case, the per-diem scrub tech starts this conversation with a loooooong pre-amble: the other day I was talking to Fabio (another tech) about some things that have been going on at my father's house. They are seeing weird things and hearing strange noises. It is kind of spooky. Fabio tells me you see ghosts. Is there any way you can figure out what is going on in the home?
  • My answer is guided: The time is coming where everyone is going to be able to see these things just like me. It sounds as if your loved ones who are having the experiences are waking up.
  • It turns out her father, aunt and cousin all have 'the gift' since they were children! I give Psychic Development 101 advice.
  • Also around this time, 17:00, Ben from Kenya, who keeps asking me the name of the restaurant I brought the food for the pot luck, gets it hand-written on a scrap of paper from me. I have been so busy that for one week I never had the time to write it to him in the email I promised.
  • At 20:30 when I am checking out of my day-use locker in the Doctor's Lounge, Ben eyes my 'Raw Food For Dummies' book by Cherie Soria and Daniel...I forget his last name. He is interested in it. I let him flip through the pages while I go into the nurses' lounge to change my clothes. 
  • We have a discussion on Raw Food with another O.R. worker before I go. Ben is a pescatarian. The other Dude is like, by his body language and expressions, 'man--I want to get in on that too--I can't believe all this has been going on without my knowing it!'
  • At 21:00 as I walk out through PACU and stop to check on my patient, the nurse asks me, 'Are you losing weight?' Yes, does it show? 'Yes, absolutely! How long have you been trying?' Since January. 'Well, you look good! Have a good night!' One day they will ask me 'what is your secret' and I will share the joy of 'Rocket Fuel', my term for Raw Vegan Food. <3
The Healers need healing. 

They postponed their happiness to study. They studied so they could answer the call to serve others in the field of healing and health. They got 'into the club', so to speak, of Allopathic Medicine.

You know you are meant for a career in medicine when you know you would not be happy doing anything else. For some strange reason, you enjoy hanging out with people who have cancer, terrible luck, and no where else to turn...and taking care of them!

But for all of their sacrifice and dedication, in return the system used them to make money. 

It did not tell them how healing really worked. Instead they fed them disinformation, and harnessed them to keep the population in a 'working-sick' state. Tonight I read that there is a federal act to get doctors to ask patients about guns in the home. Florida passed a law banning this type of discussion. Several other states are wary about the role of doctors reporting to the government on guns of patients.

In doing their profession, these individuals have given up holidays, family time, and even more happiness. They form a family where they work, especially in the O.R. We are that close to one another due to the nature of our work.

We also are exposed to harsh realities that no one ever wants to see. Did you know, for example, I will not ride a jet ski? Ever! Why? Because I got to take a woman to the O.R. as a trauma who had fallen in such a way she got a 'jet ski enema'. It's not worth it, you rationalize to yourself. I don't want to be a trauma patient!

What I am doing is simple:
  1. Unconditional Love and Acceptance
  2. Daily work with Spirit to bless the O.R. and all the people in it. For two years!
  3. Open Heart Center! My vibration reaches out and connects to you. This is healing.
  4. Examples with patients--my manner and my skill speak for themselves. Today a woman told me when she woke up, 'you were EXCELLENT!'
  5. Once I have trust, I 'connect' them to experience Higher Vibration--Raw Vegan Food, Reiki, talking about mediumship, even my 'zen' in the O.R. as I 'do my thing' in anesthesia, or this blog...
This is how I am going to stage a revolution in the O.R.--one patient at a time, one coworker at a time.

I want my O.R. and entire hospital to be a City of Light, a healing center, like Sedona but without the pretty canyons...just with similar incredible Healing Energy...

Wish me luck!


Reiki Doc