Wednesday, March 20, 2013

On Happiness

There isn't anything more to say.

Something has happened. I don't have words to describe it. Only the energy I feel tickling my arms and legs and core when I rest out in the sun.

I am getting a 'download' of sorts, and I say, 'crank it up!' as I feel the changes that are more intense than my familiar ones from years of 'upgrades' and 'downloads' from the Higher Energies.

There is no more struggle, inside; no angst like I have known since early childhood.

I do not understand what is to happen next, although I allow myself to ponder my bliss, and often!

What does my bliss resemble? Well, it has to do with my new family--my boy and another who is partner-friend to me*. All of us are in the surf. We have boogie boards and enjoy the waves together.
I hear laughing, I smell and feel the ocean, there is no rush.

I also return to my 'second home' in Vouvray, the place in the Loire Valley where the castles are. I return with my family to visit old friends. The joy and the delight of being together with The French People who are like family to me is as warm as the sunshine on the fields of grapes that surround the town. Like the ocean, we have all the time in the world, and there is no rush.

I do not concern myself with particulars or courtship or relationship. Those do not interest me. Only the fact that there is a new addition for us who is strong and caring and Light and just as glad as we are to be with us.

As I go through my day, I envision the beach not far from home. And France.

The Universe has asked me what I would like to 'order'. I have 'sent' it. Now I am going to sit back and enjoy myself while everyone gets working on it, preparing it for me at the right place, at the right time, and the right 'temperature'.

The presentation will be exquisite. This I know. The Universe is one miraculous place!

What does YOUR Bliss look like to YOU?

Go to it as often as you can in your own mind, many times, throughout the day. Go to it! Feel it! Sense it! Smell it! Act as if it already has progressed! Then sit back and allow the Universe to serve it up to you. Time is unimportant when you are in the Now, the 'Here and Now' of joyful manifestation. You shall do it! You have the ability to make your wildest dreams come true!!!


Reiki Doc

* = I keep this 'open'--there is no one in this 'place' exactly. I am not dating and I am taking a break from my latest 'who I thought would be compatible with my vibration'. I have allowed myself to think of the vibration that I would enjoy, and not the actual 'person'--and leave it at that. That is how the Universe works best at creation with manifestation. I feel the joy and happiness of this person already across all time and space. It is incredible the personal strength of this person with their heart. It is our shared passion in our service to others, our skill, our interests, and our openness to Source that will be the 'glue' which attracts. I have all the time in the world--there is no rush for this. Only Bliss in Here and Now.

P.S. I also 'hear' the song in my head, by Airborne Toxic Event, 'Timeless'. It 'pops in' and lets me know that the Universe is 'working on it'. But I am NOT on 'hold' LOL. Here is the tune, in case you missed it when I posted it last time: