Tuesday, March 26, 2013

You Are Here Early?

Wow! you are here early! One of the nurses asks ask she walks into PACU and sees me in my scrubs and socks, shuffling with bed head to the patient bathroom at five a.m.

Did you stay here all night?

I mumbled yes.

Yesterday I had three instances of premonition that were surprisingly accurate:

  1. I mentioned to a single dad colleague about a cool trampoline place to take the family. He blurted out, 'How did you know that. How DID you know that? Yesterday I had called a place like that near me, and it was full. I had picked up the phone. Now you tell me about a new place! How did you know that?'
  2. I posted my chapter early. If you look it was around ten. At half past midnight the phone rang and woke me up out of a deep sleep. It was the nurse house supervisor: emergency case booked. I grabbed and apple, a banana, my bag, hopped in the car, and drove in (I had slept in my clothes, just in case. Typically this does not happen. My boy was with his Grandma.) We finished at three. I spent the night in the recovery room isolation room. There was a bed in it, instead of a gurney. It was comfortable!
  3. In said case, I asked the surgeon, is this a BSO? He said, no, it is a salpingectomy. I had to clarify twice, and ask, are you sure? As it turned out, the ectopic was IN the ovary. This was the first in his entire career. And it ended up a BSO.
Time to start my day. A lot of downloads in the night. I look forward to what I get to help co-create today!


Reiki Doc