Saturday, March 23, 2013

Planetary Healers

Long Term Vision and Objectives

To get to the point where all human beings are healthy and able to fulfill their creative positive potential in every aspect (physical, emotional, spiritual, mental and beyond) in order to bring harmony and peace to existence, nature (in all its forms) and the cosmos under the divine law of
unity and love.

Objectives and Goals

To unify the medical sciences, spiritual disciplines and healing modalities, eliminating the division between the alternative/complimentary field and conventional systems.

To re-build and re-define a new planetary health care system focusing on the whole being body, mind and soul.

To provide a sister system for the animals and all other life forms including the earths eco-systems.


Before the event

Organise and set-up healing groups to provide local support during and after the event.

Co-ordinate and work with Leadership, Financial and Media groups, ensuring all preparations are met for the event, e.g. supplies for small centres etc.

To co-ordinate with other related healing groups across the planet.

To provide guidelines and required information on basic healing practices needed during and after the event.

Establish meditation groups to be available when the event happens.

During the event

Set up local healing/information areas where peoples’ immediate needs in our area of healing are met, e.g. re-assurance and basic grounding/relaxation techniques.

These local groups will also be prepared with an emergency plan to implement, if required, according to the reaction of the population.

Have meditation groups (as large as possible) on standby to meditate and create a positive energy field transmuting any negative energies created.

After the event

Expand and continue what was implemented before and during the event.

Analysis and revision of situation after the event has occurred, including all new areas of concern which may arise.

Re-structuring health care system and facilities as stated in objectives and goals.

Unifying medical science and spirituality under one umbrella as stated in objectives and goals.

Co-ordinate with New Renaissance group to facilitate new training and education programmes in the area of healing.