Saturday, March 16, 2013

5D Aloha

The other day I was introduced to a man who was over seventy but in good condition. As we were introduced, his vegan 'sponsor' clearly wanted to show 'proof' of his success. Immediately I went into 'Doctor Mode': patient well-being comes before my own. I knew full well by looking at him that he probably was over seventy, had hypertension and diabetes. How could I tell? In anesthesia you find out who has what before you anesthetize them, you also watch their age closely. People over seventy are more difficult in my line of work. And people over ninety make me want to run to my mother! (The reason is complex coexisting disease in the presence of limited physical reserve.)

What did I do upon meeting this man? A big hug with a kiss on both cheeks. I learned this from my friends in France--there is no doubt of the affection when someone greets you in this manner. When I stay there we greet each other at breakfast like we had been apart for nine years! And every night, we bid each other 'bonne nuit' the same way. They are country folk, just like my family is on the Italian side. The importance of rewarding his progess on his health by an M.D. Was therapeutic. It reinforced his commitment to his health by my complete and total acceptance of his 'lifestyle'. It is not so much the actual lifestyle that is important, but the patient's belief that his lifestyle is working for him. Mind-Body Medicine is a crucial reality, and I work it to the patient's advantage to let them know they have my unconditional support in their goal for health.

Then after that, he said, 'want to know my secret?'
'Of course!'
'I practice my breathing for three hours a day!'

An ordinary M.D. Would have no clue what that one meant. I knew. In all of my Spiritual training, one of the most significant connections to Source is the breath. It has way more than just oxygen and nitrogen in it. There is Light.

So....I lied and acted surprised that I did not know his age. Did it matter? He felt good about himself, his life choices (he was pretty healthy compared to his peers, my patients), and I left him with the impression that Conventional Medicine is behind him one hundred percent.

To an outsider that would look like flirting.

You know about the French people I adore in the Loire Valley? Have you ever met someone from Italy? And really gotten to know them?

Opera runs in in their blood. All of the sorrows and all of the joys are felt openly, even sung about, in everyday life. Not just at the Opera Theater.

Remember Roberto Begnini when he accepted his Oscar? He walked on top of the chairs, and told the audience he wanted to make love to them all.

He was not joking. He really felt it.

Did you know Italians have one of the lowest thresholds for pain? It is proven in medical studies. Jewish people are a close tie. As a child, when I would bump myself on the furniture and cry, mother would hit the furniture and say, 'bad! Bad!' To the furniture for hurting me. Any little scrape or mishap, before I was old enough to learn how to act in this situation from the kids on the block, was a catastrophe! I wanted mother and needed her right away.

This is normal for children from Italy. Crying is bad. No one thinks it's 'cute' for a baby to cry. Everyone rushes to fix it.

That is how intense the love is in a home like this. Not to say I didn't get my fair share of being yelled at. Quite the opposite. But it always was on something I chose to do, not me for being who I am.

My friend Hope is American of stoic descent, either English, Scottish or German. I sat next to her in Reiki 1 for eight hours. I sat next to her in Reiki 2. We 'liked' each other on Facebook. Then she moved to Hawaii. I went to see her, and stayed in her home with my kids. We had a spiritual connection but not a friendship yet when I went.. It has since grown. I was the first one she saw when she came to California recently for a visit. Hawaii has worked on her. She says, 'I am going to love on you!' And gives you a hug that rivals the French people! The waitress atThe restaurant, who wasn't the best server, got a genuine, 'You're Beautiful!' And hug from Hope.

Hope is in 5D now, or possibly higher. I have always looked up to her example in Spirit.

In 5D it is like, 'Wow! You are here and Now like me! Isn't that amazing?' And you feel it in your bones. If any of you have taken Karuna Reiki, the energy is like that, too. Very similar. You just love everybody because you also love yourself. Unconditionally. Warts and all are beauty marks, scars turn into stars. There is enough love and affection for everybody on Gaia. It is Her way.

Welcome to the New Earth. This is what normal is in 5D.

Aren't you excited to wake up to this? I sure am. You ARE Beautiful! Here is a big French People Aloha hug.

Love and Light and Namaste,

Reiki Doc