Thursday, March 14, 2013

Might I Be From the Pleiades?

If you are from the Pleiades, you enjoy a challenge.

You put other people first; you care that much about others. Of all the zodiac, the Aquarians represent the ideals and spirit of the Pleiadians best.

Let us step back somewhat.

How do you know you are, as C.S. Lewis would say, 'A soul having a body?' Simple--your aura is bigger than your body. You ARE your aura, aren't you? Isn't that what 'remains' after the body passes through Transition? Isn't that what mediums speak to?  Do we agree on this?

Well, then, where were you before you were born? Earth is a school; you had to apply and be accepted to 'get in there'. It is like a prestigious private pre-school where the family has to apply while they are trying to conceive, it is that long of a waiting list!

My soul, as I have learned, is from Sirius.

Your soul might be from 'somewhere else' like me. How would you discover it?

  • Do you have an overwhelming desire to go Home?
  • Were you very good in school?
  • Do you like people and care for them?
  • When you are really quiet, does your heart give the message, 'I want to help!'
  • Did part of you feel like maybe Star Wars was not fiction?
  • When you were a kid, did you like meat? Or did they have to force you to eat it?
  • Did you ever have experiences people told you 'not to talk about' because they were like, ESP?
If the answer to any of those is 'yes', here are the next steps:

Watch these series:
There are sixteen of them, I believe. They changed my life.

Why don't you get started and search the net?

Here is one good source:

Another is this:

And the last one is this:

You will know you are Pleiadian if you meet Cobra. Go to one of his conferences. You won't regret it!
(He speaks their language!)

Other places exist besides Sirius and the Pleiades. There are people from Andromeda, Arcturus, Orion, Venus (they live inside--most planets the people do.). I used to listen to them on this YouTube subscription:

And most important of all, ask your Guides! They love you, and they cherish you. The more you meditate, and the higher you raise your vibration (pure clean food, fresh air, Nature, rest) and the less you lower it (anger, hate, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, violent 'entertainment', TV in general) the more you will be able to learn where you came from. Many souls are indeed inhabitants of Gaia, and came from there originally. But many people aren't, and they don't know for sure just yet. But if you are seeking, here is where to look. Don't go read somebody else's story--although Fred Bell has a very good one. Do these steps above and soon you will be discovering with excitement your OWN story too.


Reiki Doc